Nayagi review-Tedious watch

Nayagi review-Tedious watch



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 19 September 2016

Movie Title

Nayagi review-Tedious watch


Star Cast

Trisha, Sushma Raj, Satyam Rajesh, Jayaprakash

Nayagi is an egregious film that starts out promisingly, but turns into a too-long tedious journey that you cannot wait to finish. Didn't anyone concerned with the film notice that the script is incoherent? Didn't anyone think of re-shooting all the dull bits so at least some part of the film might actually be watchable? The answer to all those questions is obviously 'no'.

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While violence against women is considered as the biggest threat in modern India, director Govi has portrayed the entire flashback sequence in a bad taste. Let’s put aside the moral stand of the director because many film-makers do not have one but he could've at least given us an engaging film. In fact, some of the college skits and short films on YouTube are way better than this one!

Sanjay (Satyam Rajesh), a wannabe filmmaker sketches a plan to trap his innocent girlfriend Sandhya (Sushma Raj) at a farm house. But Sanjay’s heated argument with an elderly man (Jayaprakash) lead him to a haunted house in the restricted area, where ghost Gayathri (Trisha) punishes perverted men, who cheat women and destroy their lives! What happened to Gayathri? How did she die? The director justifies all these unanswered questions with the so-called over-the-top flashback sequences!

The one and only good thing about Nayagi is that Trisha looks gorgeous in the retro look and her amazing grace is infectious. But the actress try to rise above the deeply flawed script and fails due to the poor characterization and a terrible screenplay! Though Satyam Rajesh evokes occasional laughter and Sushma looks beautiful, they too cannot save the sinking ship. For a change, Ganesh Venkataraman plays a villain while Sendrayan pathetically attempts to spill some jokes but nothing works in the film's favour!

Billed as horror comedy, there is not even a single edge of the seat moment! Instead it insults your intelligence, strikes no emotional connect and makes you frown all the way long.

Nayagi review- Verdict: Tedious watch

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