Nayattu review: Genuine and relevant

Nayattu- There are some relevant social messages and genuine statements

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Critic's Rating: 3.5/5

Friday 09 April 2021

Movie Title

Nayattu review: Genuine and relevant


Martin Prakkat

Star Cast

Kunchacko Boban, Joju George, Nimisha Sajayan

The scriptwriter of Joseph, Shahi Kabir is back with Nayattu, the story of three cops, directed by Martin Prakkat. 

The movie begins with some routine happenings in a police station, shown in a highly realistic way. Praveen Michael (Kunchacko Boban) has just joined the station, where Maniyan (Joju George) and Sunitha (Nimisha Sajayan) are working.

The initial scenes show the pressure that the cops have to go through, as they are forced to obey the directions from their bosses as per hierarchical order blindly, which is the norm in our system. The relevance of this is felt more, as the story moves ahead.

A minor scuffle between the cops and a youth from a caste-based group takes a serious turn when an accident happens. 

Praveen, Maniyan and Sunitha, the cops who are targeted by the group, were involved in the accident and are forced to flee the place. The cops are now being chased by their own colleagues, as the case becomes the most important concern for the ruling party.

The trio suffers setbacks and difficult moments as they try to evade an arrest at least until the polling for the byelections is completed. They believe that they can prove their innocence once the hullabaloo is over. 

With a packed script, the director packages the thrilling journey of the trio in an impressive way. Shyju Khalid’s visuals and Vishnu Vijay’s music are good.

Kunchacko Boban performs Praveen in a subtle manner. Nimisha Sajayan is in good form once again. But the show-stealer here is Joju George, who gets into the shoes of Maniyan in a brilliant way. The rest of the cast have done their parts well.

Nayattu is the hunt for three honest cops by the system, which they were part of until they fell from grace. There are some relevant social messages and genuine statements made in this one. Go for it!

Verdict: Genuine and relevant



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