Critic's Rating: 3/5

Wednesday 20 May 2015

Movie Title



Lal Jose

Star Cast

Deepti Sati, Ann Augustine, Vijay Babu

In a remarkable style, which is evidentlyunlike his signature ways, in Nee-Na, directorLal Jose narrates an intense love story that happens mainly in the minds of theprotagonists than through excessive actions or dialogues. 

There is passion that is evident in everyframe and this is perhaps one film, which you would want to love, though it maybe far from perfect. 

Vinay Panicker aka V P (Vijay Babu) is thecreative head of an ad agency, who has shifted his base from Mumbai to Kochi.He is happily married to Nalini (Ann Augustine) and in Kochi, he become friendswith a tomboyish colleague, Neena (Deepti Sati). 

Neena is hugely talented but is heavilyinto booze and has all the wrong friends for company. Her ways are weird and toa certain extent, Bohemian. And she gets attracted to Vinay, after a while. 

A love triangle ensues but this one is soreal and subtle, quite unlike the loud ones that we usually come across inMalayalam. The intricacies of the mind are left just like that without findingjustifications or any attempt to blame anyone. And that could be the strengthof the film as well. 

At close to two hours and thirty minutes,the film is a bit too long and some trimming could have been welcome. There aresome efforts here and there to cater to the commercial flavours as well. Butall that doesn't take away the merits of this film, which affects you in a bigway. 

In a style that perhaps remind you of someof those sober emotional dramas that we have seen in some of those foreignfilms, Lal Jose packages the emotional turmoil deliciously. R Venugopal'sscreenplay is good and the dialogues are fantastic. Jomon T John's visuals,Nikhil J Menon's music and Bijibal's background score adds to the effectsuperbly. 

Vijay Babu and Ann Augustine have performedtheir characters with the maturity that their roles require. But the surprisepackage is debutante Deepti Sati, who comes up with an impressive show. She isconfident and is so believable. Good start, young lady! 

For all those who think movies are allabout laughs and fun, Nee-Na may notbe what you expect. But then, life is not all about laughs, right? Don't missthis one if you seriously love movies. 

Verdict:Very Good

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