Neeli review- A Lowbrow comedy, which lacks smart writing

Neeli review- A Lowbrow comedy, which lacks smart writing

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 13 August 2018

Movie Title

Neeli review- A Lowbrow comedy, which lacks smart writing


Althaf Rahman

Star Cast

Mamta Mohandas, Anoop Menon

For every Malayali, who love to listen to horror stories, the ultimate character when it comes to “yakshi” is ‘Kalliyankaattu Neeli”.  A beautiful woman in white saree and blouse, roaming around in the night with their long hair flying has been the popular concept about a ghost in this part of the world.

Well, director Althaf Rahman tries to break that age old theory by making Neeli as a helpful ghost here, helping a mother in finding her lost child. Fair enough. But the problem is the script, which is shaky all along. 

Lakshmi (Mamta Mohandas) was married to Alex (Rahul Madhav), who turned out to be a cheat. He fell ill in between and then, they got divorced. After his death, she comes to her ancestral home, with her daughter. 

There is another track going on where a local thief (Sreekumar), who has a new recruit named Prabhakaran (Baburaj) to assist him in robbery. Though the two are out to rob homes, it is essentially a comic track. In fact, that track works pretty fine as well.

Then after some incidents, a funny guy with a room full of curious gadgets and plays a ghostbuster, appears. Anoop Menon is doing the character.

Though there are some attempts to scare the viewer, the focus here is more on comedy and emotions. 

Mamta Mohandas has performed her role in a dedicated way. Anoop Menon is quite impressive and he scores with his smart one liners. Zinil Sainudhin, who plays a photographer, is fine but Rahul Madhav seems to be trying hard to imitate Fahadh Faasil’s style. Sreekumar and Baburaj are good with their humour.

The smart writing that is needed for a horror thriller is totally lacking in Neeli but if you are looking for a not so intelligent horror comedy, this one could be an easy watch. Now, decide on your own.

Neeli review- Verdict: Lowbrow comedy

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