Neenade Naa

Neenade Naa



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 18 October 2014

Movie Title

Neenade Naa



Star Cast

Prajwal Devraj, Priyanka Kandwal, Ankita, Rockline venkatesh, Avinash

Prajwal is the perfect example for 'it's not a cake walk in tinsel town for star kids'. According to majority of the audiences, his latest release Neenade Naa though does not create magic onscreen, it does make a difference to the star kid's career.

The title of the movie which is inspired by a song from Prajwal's film Murali Meets Meera is expected to be a love story and yes, it is, but with interesting twists and turns. The movie is also said to be director Khandas 'real-life' experience. The story attempts to have a fresh take on the concepts of love and friendship but has a minor glitch due to poor narration and confusion! These days the protagonists names across Indian cinema are 'inspired' by well known and repeated Bollywood names of protagonists like 'Raj', 'Rahul', 'Dev' and the same routine follows here as well; Prajwal plays the role of 'Dev' in the film.

Dev (Prajwal Devraj), who is an assistant director, is confused about his career and love life. He meets a girl Ankita, with whom he falls in love with. He drops her to office, temple, sings songs with her, watches movies and so on. But when the girl realizes it is not just friendship but love, she dumps him and asks him to move on. To get over his first love, he then falls in love with Pavi (Priyanka Kandwal). Will Pavi too dump Dev like Ankita? Well, you will have to enjoy it on screen.

Priyanka and Ankita are making their debut in Sandalwood. Both the characters are contradictory to each other. While one plays the role of a software engineer the other plays the role of a sports player. Both the actresses have done a good job, considering this is their debut film. Prajwal has done an amazing job. Be it romance or action he has delivered the best. Prajwal definitely deserves better scripts than just love stories!

Actors Doddanna, Avinash and Pavithra Lokesh too have done a decent job, but they do not have enough screen space. Producer Rockline Venkatesh plays himself in the film; infact the movie begins with Prajwal narrating his story to Rockline and convincing him to produce the film. Prajwal's brother Pranav has appeared in a cameo in the film.

Music director Arjun Janya, who has delivered hit songs, has not provided complete justice to a supposedly musical-love story! (Remember love story can only be complete with beautiful compositions). The production house should have concentrated on music as well.

Dialogues like 'Only women can cure hangovers caused by women', 'Women invite trouble with their dress and mannerisms' sounds too sexist for a 2014 movie. However makers of the film have balanced it with dialogues like 'Real men do not touch their own wives, if woman does not like it'.

Verdict: A one time entertainer

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