Neenello Naanalle

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Sunday 30 July 2006

Movie Title

Neenello Naanalle


Dinesh Baboo

Star Cast

Dr.Vishnu, Anirudh, Rakshita, Ananthnag, Srinivasamurthy

A Prabhudeva original and a runaway hit in Telugu, Neenello Naanalleis a clean fun-filled, feel-good entertainer is a remake of Nuvvasthavante Nenoddantana . Love forces London-bred Santosh (Anirudh) to live in the most appalling conditions, in a rustic milieu. Of course, being a hero he achieves the impossible and wins the woman's hand. That?s the story in a nutshell.

The first half is like a carnival with lots of energy. As the happy-go-lucky youngster who transforms into a responsible, hard working farmer, Anirudh is just ok. Rakshita for change has a meaty role to perform and she does justice to her role as the simple and loving Siri. Vishnuvardhana as Siri?s brother executes the strong, emotion-filled role of a loving brother in style.

Komal is hilarious as Gunda and his comic interludes with Rangayana Raghu are hilarious. Though Dinesh Babu has done his best, the movie fails to create the magic like the original film. Ramesh Krishna's music and Venu's camera work are additional values in this film.

On the whole, the film is packaged and presented well with enough masalas and is sure to grab your attention.

Verdict: Good

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