Neetu Chandra's production 'Deswa' set to release on digital channel NeoBihar

Last Updated: Tue, Dec 19, 2017 18:45 hrs

[India], December 19 (ANI): Actress-Producer Neetu Chandra is all set to present her Bhojpuri production venture 'Deswa' to the audience by releasing it globally on December 23rd, 2017.

The film will be released through digital channel NeoBihar via YouTube.

'Deswa' is the first Bhojpuri film to have been screened at 16 International film festivals and also the first Bhojpuri film to be selected for Indian Panaroma International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Goa in 54 years.

While talking about the project, Neetu Chandra said, "There is a need for a film like 'Deswa' to release globally including the Hindi markets. Thanks to digitalization, we decided to go ahead and release the film on the digital channel 'NeoBihar' so that we could reach millions. The film will be released in English subtitles so everyone in any part of the world can watch it. It is important for the world to see that Bhojpuri film. can also be content driven while catering to the masses."

The makers believe that by releasing Deswa digitally, the film will, most importantly, be accessible to traditonal bhojpuri and non bojpuri audiences in India and Internationally, from the senior bureaucrats to the laborers in the farm.

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar who had earlier watched the film appreciated Chandra's efforts of presenting it and praised the film saying, "I loved 'Deswa'. This film highlights the various problems faced by the people of Bihar including unemployment, focusing on the fact that how people have to struggle with the jobs, showing the predicaments faced by them on a daily basis. The film without influencing violence or crime, in a very subtle way exhibits the conditions and does not get offensive in any way. The music and lyrics are really meaningful. I'd recommend everyone to watch the film. It's a well presented film and I want to congratulate Neetu Chandra and her entire team."

Neetu feels that by creating a new form of Bhojpuri cinema that can cater to audiences looking for cinema different from the ones that cater to masses.

"It is only when people realize that films from and on Bihar can also also great content, will the door for content-driven cinema in Bihar open," explained Chandra.

The cast of the film comprises of new faces that have been associated with theatre in Bihar.

Neetu's idea behind shooting the entire film in Bihar was to create enough job opportunities for the locals as she believes that filmmaking should be considered as a livelihood and aims to boost the Bhojpuri film business with a content driven commercial film.

'Deswa' is written and directed by National award-winning Director Nitin Chandra who is also the brother of Neetu Chandra and has assisted directors Dibakar Banerjee and Tanuja Chandra on various films.

The brother-sister duo has brought about a revolution of sorts by presenting a clean and classy Bhojpuri film and reaching out to a global audience. (ANI)