Neeyum Njanum review: It has some nice moments and there are some relevant issues

It has some nice moments and there are some relevant issues

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Critic's Rating: 2/5

Sunday 20 January 2019

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Director A K Saajan’s Neeyum Njanum presents Sharafudheen, the quirky flirt ‘Girirajan Kozhi’ from Premam and the menacing Josy from Varathan, as a romantic hero. 

The story is set in Kozhikode and if you love the place, there are enough visuals that evoke a liking, straight away. Hashmi (Anu Sithara) is a beautiful girl from a modest family, who has been hurt once in love. When a young man named Yakub (Sharafudheen) starts stalking her, she is evidently disturbed.

But after a while, her anger becomes love and the two get married. The couple starts living in a huge ‘naalukettu’, in a remote village, away from their homes. 

Yakub is a photographer and Hashmi teaches music, but they find it difficult to manage things with their meagre income. Yakub goes to the Gulf with the help of a family friend. But things take some unprecedented turns from then on.

In all fairness, the film has some nice moments and there are some relevant issues like moral policing that are being handled here. Also, the realities behind the political ideologies of certain religious groups are shown in a sarcastic manner. 

But the problem is the leisurely pace at which all these unveil. At more than 2 hours and 40 minutes this one is a tiring journey that tests the patience of the viewers. A storyline which would have been fine if shown in a much lesser duration ruins the possibility with its length.

Sharafudheen looks nervous at times playing the hero but succeeds in coming up with an impressive show, overall. Anu Sithara looks gorgeous and performs in a dedicated manner. The rest of the cast have done their parts pretty well.

Neeyum Njanum ends up as a lost opportunity as the overindulgence of the filmmaker affects its merits. 

Neeyum Njanum review:  Way too long to be entertaining