Nenorakam review: Lack of intensity dampens the story

Nenorakam entertains here and there

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By: Vishwananth V

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 20 March 2017

Movie Title

Nenorakam review: Lack of intensity dampens the story


Sudarshan Salendra

Star Cast

airam Shankar, Reshmi Menon, Sharath Kumar, Aditya Menon, Kashi Vishwanath, Prudhvi, Viva Harsha

Gautham (Sairam Shankar) is an orphan who works as a loan recovery agent under a funnily strict boss (Prudhvi in a brief role). He falls in love with Sweccha (Rashmi Menon), the nature-loving daughter of a middle-class father (Kashi Viswanath in a trivial role) and starts wooing her by saying that his father is forcing him to take her as a role model.

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In parallel to this rom-com track is told the story of a rich spoilt brat, who has been hunting for a character (not disclosed in the first half) ever since he was released from jail.

Just as Sweccha is about to reciprocate her love for Gautham, unknown gang kidnaps her.

It's up to Gautham to find out who is behind the kidnap, what is his motive, what he should do to save Sweccha before time runs out, and the message that the film delivers in the climax.

The first half is mostly focussed on rom-com episodes. The second half sees Gautham overcoming all dangers to find out where his lover is held captive while doing what the kidnapper is asking him to do. Second half turns interesting as Sarath Kumar takes the centre stage.

Kollywood star Sarath Kumar is in great form here. In this film, he portrays a myriad of emotions. His character sketch is good and the flashback episode involving him is emotionally appealing.

The director has done a good job with the picturization of songs. The choreography is a plus. The BGM works to an extent, and the cinematography is OK.

The story makes a progress only in the second half. But pre-interval scenes are too bland. The climax also loses the tempo after the flashback. The fight with two of the characters is dull and routine.

The comedy involving MS Narayana, Viva Harsha and the lead pair falls flat. Since the makers had no option, they had to get MS's character dubbed by someone else, which adds to headache.

Sairam Shankar is in fact has come up with a good performance after a long time. He delivers a very dignified performance, he hasn't gone overboard in romantic scenes either, something he is prone to do. He portrays agony over his lover's kidnap well. He is seen in a handful of different get-ups in three of the songs and all the looks are very interesting.

Rashmi Menon's physique and her facial features when she is seen smiling from side angle resembles Samantha. She is good-looking. As said already, Sarathkumar is backbone of the movie. It's to his credit that he has agreed to do a film like this just because he liked the character and the film's message.

Nenorakam entertains here and there. Sarathkumar's character surprise will have its takers. The screenplay could have been much better towards the climax. Lack of intensity and pre-interval scenes are dampener.

Nenorakam review: 2 3/4 stars

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