Ner Ethir

Ner Ethir



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 27 January 2014

Movie Title

Ner Ethir



Star Cast

Richard, Parthi, Vidya

Kathir (Parthi) realises that his fianc?e Isha (Vidya) is having a lover. He follows her to a hotel where she checks in secretly. He checks into the same hotel and gets room bang opposite her room after paying the night clerk at the reception a bribe.

Kathir calls up his best friend Karthi (Richard) and tells him he wants to catch Vidya in the act and murder her. He does not realize Karthi is Vidya?s lover!

Ner Ethir story looks similar to another Tamil film Unnodu Oru Naal, released a few weeks back! Both the films are carbon copies of a Hollywood thriller. IMDB says Across The Hall (2009) is a ? ?A thriller about a standoff between a young man, his fianc?e and his best friend who comes to his aide?.

The trouble with Ner Ethir is that there is no original bone in it, and from the beginning itself the suspense element is missing. The narration is non-linear with it switching back and forth from present to flashbacks including songs. The comedy scenes of MS Bhaskar and others is a big bore.

The performance by the lead actors is wooden and direction is tedious though the film is only 105 minutes. Among others Parthi makes a decent debut as the psychotic villain who wants to murder his fianc?e.

Verdict ? Below Average

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