Nerariyan CBI

Nerariyan CBI


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 10 September 2005

Movie Title

Nerariyan CBI



Star Cast

Mammootty, Mukesh, Jagathy. Gopika, Jishnu

The ?CBI? franchisee film is back. And so is Sethurama Iyer. The undeniable charm and suaveness of Iyer is once again the highlight and strength of NErariyan CBI. Mammootty without ever overdoing his act, style and dialogue delivery looks exactly like he was in the first part which is the secret of this film?s success.

S.N.Swamy, the script-writer has to be appreciated for making something spectacular out of ordinary material. The CB series is essentially a cat-and-mouse game between Sethurama Iyer and the suspects in each film. Swamy?s script makes the audience root for Iyer due to his style and way of investigation and finally the film gets elevated due to Mamootty?s compelling performance.

Animangalam Tharavad, an aristocratic old mansion is the new milieu for the fourth sequel. A lot of strange things and a few murders have happened here when Anitha (Gopika) one of the members of the family comes with her two friends for holiday. The same night Mythili (Samvrutha) dies mysteriously and police writes off the case as an accident.

Four years later Sai (Jishnu) an IPS officer and Anita?s lover meets Sethurama Iyer at the airport and briefs him about this unusual case in which some supernatural are blamed for the murder. Iyer take it up as a challenge and unfolds the mystery behind the murder with the support of his usual gang of Chacko (Mukesh) and Vikram (Jagathy). And finally as the story unfolds in the climax, the real killer is someone whom you will never suspect!

The proceedings are very predictable like the dummy act, some red herrings thrown in like a servant (Mohan Jose), his wife, Maya (Suvarna), Dr Krishnan Nair (Sreekumar) and Dr Baby ( Riza Bava). The highlight of the film is Mammootty as the suave and intelligent Sethurama Iyer who looks dashing and debonair. Another interesting highlight is the war of words between Iyer and Kapra (Thilakan), a local sorcerer which ignites the screen.

The supporting cast are there as mere suspects and have very little to do. The background score by Shyam especially the theme music is mood enhancing. And the camera by Salu George is commendable. On the downside, the production values are tacky with old style props- after all K.Madhu is from the old school of film making! More irritating is the frequent in-film ads that keep on popping like a tea brand, a mobile phone company and above all our Iyer?s preference for a particular brand of biscuit!

On the whole, our two thumbs go up for the return of Sethurama Iyer. Can?t wait for CBI-5!

Verdict: Good

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