New twist- Pulsar Suni blackmails Dileep?

Last Updated: Mon, Jun 26, 2017 10:24 hrs
Dileep in 'Ramaleela'

The case where a prominent Malayalam actress was kidnapped has taken an intriguing turn, with some new developments.

The first twist to the tale happened when actor Dileep and his friend director Nadhirshah lodged a complaint saying that the key accused Pulsar Suni has been blackmailing him. According to Nadhirshah, Suni’s cellmate had called him demanding a huge sum if they were not mention Dileep’s name as part of the conspiracy.

Soon after, a letter allegedly written by Suni to Dileep from the jail surfaced. There is a tone of blackmail in the letter as well.

Dileep has made it clear that it was he himself who handed over a copy of the letter to the police. The latest reports suggest that the handwriting in the letter is not of Suni, which suggests the involvement of certain others too.

The case that was dismissed as Pulsar Suni’s activity to blackmail the actress for money has now become more mysterious.

Dileep has made it clear that his name has unnecessarily been brought into this case and he wants an investigation about this incident. Such rumours come out often before the release of his films, said Dileep to the media.