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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 27 February 2012

Movie Title



Sidharth Bharathan

Star Cast

Sidharth, Rima Kallingal

It?s never easy to remake a movie and have the director?s signature on it. In the new version of Nidra, originally made in 1981 by Bharathan, his son Sidharth Bharathan takes you on a rather captivating cinematic experience.

Raju (Sidharth), the younger son from a wealthy family marries his childhood sweetheart Aswathy (Rima), who is in fact the daughter of their former driver. He lives in a world of his own, away from all the business deals and money, unlike his elder brother Vishwam (Jishnu Raghavan).

Aswathy is aware about the fact that Raju had to go for some psychiatric help, after his mother?s death. But she is determined to get him back to life with her love. She almost succeeds in it, but the people around them were not so bothered about compassion, tender human emotions and selfless love.

It?s a journey into the minds of two innocent lovebirds that makes the film, truly special. Sidharth Bharathan and Rima Kallingal come up with the best performances in their careers so far and there are some brilliant moments in the film that would haunt you even after getting out of the theatres.

Still, at just around 100 minutes, Nidra gives the feeling that it is a bit too fast paced than one would have liked and events happen, at times in an undisciplined manner. The build up to the initial scenes, where the couple meets and their marriage happens, has been hastily done. A more competent script and a detailed narration could have really worked in the film?s favour.

In the current form, you feel being served a nice snack, when you were in the mood to have an elaborate meal!

Among the highlights of the film are Sameer Thahir?s topnotch visuals, Prashanth Pillai?s excellent background score and Jassie Gift?s melodious tunes. The performances of the rest of the cast including Jishnu Raghavan, KPAC Lalitha, Thalaivasal Vijay and Sarayu are impressive as well.

Nidra shows the emotional journey of a couple, who understands each other perfectly well, in a nice way. It?s one film that should be appreciated for its inherent sincerity. Get ready to go on an emotional trip, when you buy a ticket for this one!

Verdict: Above Average

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