Nil Gavani Ennai Kadhali

Nil Gavani Ennai Kadhali



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 08 January 2010

Movie Title

Nil Gavani Ennai Kadhali


Pramod and Pappan

Star Cast

Namitha, Kalabhavan Mani, Bala

First and foremost the claim that Namitha?s Nil Gavani Ennai Kadhali is a straight Tamil film is debatable, as it looks like a dubbing of the Malayalam film Black Stallion. The directors Pramod and Pappan gives it away, as one of the characters is seen reading a Malayalam paper in Tamil!

The film looks like a ?bit padam? of the 80?s and story and scenes are lifted from half a dozen English films. Namitha has exposed like never before including a bedroom scene with Bala, a rain dance in a swimming pool and a song shot in a house boat with Kalabhavan Mani in the picturistic backwaters of Kerala!

Irumbur Sollai (Ashish Vidyarthi) is a dreaded goon who terrorizes the town of Tirupur. His partner in crimes is the local cop Doraiswamy (Pitamagan Mahadevan) who kills him in a market fight. Sollai's son witnesses the killing and he grows up and as per his father?s wishes to be another ?Criminal police? called Black (Kalabhavan Mani). Later, he takes revenge by killing Doraiswamy and soon becomes a notorious ?thug in uniform?.

Enter Laura Singh (Namitha) a bar dancer, and Black falls for her and tries forcibly to marry her, but she stabs him and runs away to Kochi along with her physically challenged sister.

In Kochi, she falls for the charms of a magazine photographer Ameer Usman (Bala) and is soon madly in love with her. However Black and his men are after her blood and she is on the run. Suddenly there is a twist in the tale as Ameer turns out to be the villain with the smiling cheek.

The film has been obviously been made to cash in on the oomph factor of Namitha and the hype around her doing her first Malayalam film. There is even a song ?Sexy Lady?? where she tries to be ultra glamorous. But the fact is that the film leaves you cold because P&P ( Pramod Pappan) have mixed some fight and glamour with no proper script. The film has no semblance of either style or substance.

The film sports the most ham-fisted performance in recent times from Kalabhavan Mani who hams his way through, while Bala is teakwood and one feels sorry for poor Namitha as she wears ill fitting revealing clothes and gets wet in the rain!

Verdict- Lots of skin!

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