Ninagagi Kadiruve

Ninagagi Kadiruve


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 19 October 2009

Movie Title

Ninagagi Kadiruve


Jolly Bastin

Star Cast

Vishal Hegde, Pooja Gandhi, Dilipraj, Suresh Mangalore

The famous stunt director in South Indian films, Jolly Bastin has toppled in his first attempt. The main reason is that he seems to be confused with a screenplay that is disappointing. Nandan (Vishal Hegade) and Vishwas (Dilip Raj) are childhood friends. Nandan marries Swetha (Pooja Gandhi) in spite of stiff opposition from her family. Vishwas helps the couple but he is sexually attracted towards Swetha when he sees her naked accidentally. The objective of Vishwas leads to disastrous consequences. Vishwas goes psychic and he kills Nandan. When an attempt is made by Vishwas to rape Shwetha, she kills him with his own revolver. Shwetha becomes mentally ill and is admitted to the hospital.

The film is lively because of the performances of Pooja Gandhi, Vishal Hegde and Dilipraj. There are many silly and inconsequential scenes. Pooja Gandhi has dubbed with lot of care for the first time.

Robin Gurung gives two lovely tunes and the song Bahumanave Neenu Nanna Jeevake? is very rich in melody.

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