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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Tuesday 31 August 2010

Movie Title



Anish J Karinad

Star Cast

Mamta Mohandas, Vincenzo Bocciarelli, Manoj K Jayan

Few films in the history of Malayalam cinema have blatantly ridiculed the viewers, like debutant director Anish J Karinad's Nirakkazhcha. With an asinine script and pathetic execution, you can only watch this third rate gimmickry with sheer disbelief and be surprised at the nerve of the makers to show it in the theatres.

The storyline has clearly been cooked up to promote certain resorts and the intentions get even more evident as the director himself comes in as a comedian, with a whole song picturised on him! Do we have to pay for the tickets and waste two hours to watch someone's tacky promotional video?

Lorenzo Faubro (Vincenzo Bocciarelli) is an Italian painter, who is in Kerala to complete a Raja Ravi Varma painting. Soon enough he finds a model in Shilpa (Mamta), who is in love with a 'chenda' artist Sreekkuttan (Manoj K Jayan). The story moves in highly predictable lines as Lorenzo falls for Shilpa and she readily obliges by posing in itsy-bitsy outfits. Of course, she soon starts romancing the painter much to the chagrin of her lover.

But the way all these things happen would make you stumped, with some new and often irrelevant characters appearing out of the blue, suggestive lines being used almost all along and gals in bikinis being shown in regular intervals.

Imagine Shilpa giving a speech to the painter, on how Indian women value the purity of love, after she finds the pictures of him with his ex-lover! Even worse, there is a scene where her own dad gives a lecture to Shilpa, on how common it is in foreign countries for couples to start living together before deciding whether to marry or not! Meanwhile, Sreekkuttan seeks revenge by falling in love with the painter's sister.

Want more examples to learn why this is such a lousy film? There is this tuition centre run by Mamukkoya, where a cop played by Jagathy Sreekumar joins to study some filthy words in Italian to shower upon the painter. Then, there is Bijukkuttan's character who pledges all his assets to get a loan so that he can find a foreigner to marry, during his two week stay at an Ayurvedic resort. Or Suraj Venjarammood's music classes to the painter and Kalpana's Malayalam lessons, which are intended to make you laugh, but instead end up as extremely irritating.

All this make you wonder if our actors don't read scripts before agreeing to do a film. What prompted Mamta Mohandas to do this silly role, where she has nothing much to do other than pose in revealing costumes? How can such talented actors like Manoj K Jayan and Jagathy Sreekumar accept offers like this one, which will wean away the audiences from the theatres?

The less said about this film (that is if this gory misadventure can qualify as one), the better. Nirakkazhcha will go down as one of the worst films ever made in Malayalam cinema history. Whoever involved in the terrible crime of making this nonsense film should be made to explain why they agreed to be part of this!

Verdict: Torture

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