Nirav and Sabu sign up for Robot!

Last Updated: Wed, Jan 09, 2008 11:04 hrs

Shankar is signing up the best technicians in the business for his magnum opus Robot with the superstar Rajinikanth.

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Two departments of film making -- Art and Cinematography are very important especially when you are making a futuristic film like Robot. So Shankar has signed up his favourite art director Sabu Cyril, probably the finest set designer in India, and the new and happening cinematographer Nirav Shah for the film.

Sabu has a tough job as Robot can be shot only on studio sets as the story is taking place in futuristic Chennai of the year 3000, according to the original one-line script of the director. Nirav, too, has a real difficult task ahead as he has to decide, in consultation with Shankar, the all important "look" of the film.

Will they go for a "Star Wars" futuristic look for the film? It is early days, but Shankar and his new team are going to take many weeks before they firm up the futuristic look of the film.

After everything synchronies with the script, only then will the heroine and other star cast will be decided.