Nisabdham review- Average film with a message

Nisabdham review- Average film with a message



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 10 March 2017

Movie Title

Nisabdham review- Average film with a message


Michael Arun

Star Cast

Sathanya, Abhinaya, Ajay, Kishore

Assume that you are evaluating the answer sheet of the most sincere student in your class—you know that he has put his heart and soul for the exam and yet his final score falls below par and your heart only goes out to the poor guy? This is exactly one would feel after watching director Michael Arun’s Nisabdham

Nisabdham can’t be written off easily, the basic story is very much topical for our society. It’s not every day that we get to see an Indian film deals with child molestation and the mental trauma of the parents, insensitive media coverage and the insufferable pain of the kid. Michael Arun’s research on the effects of child abuse in Nisabdham will definitely create awareness among audiences that they will leave the movie hall with a heavy heart but if you ask whether the film is perfect? Our answer is a BIG NO!

The lead actors Ajay and Abhinaya cannot carry the heavy characters offered to them. As a matter of fact, not only Ajay and Abhinaya, expect the kid Sathanya, rest of the performances including Kishore are not up to the mark.

Sathanya is the heart line of the film, they way she emotes post the horrific incident will even melt stone hearts. Though things that are shown during the child abuse and its after effects have created the much-needed impact, censor officials shouldn’t have given ‘U’ certificate to the film, we genuinely believe such scenes would mentally affect kids and they aren’t supposed to watch the film without parental guidance.

The dialogues are downright artificial, a better writer would have easily polished the film but now, it looks raw and amateurish in several places. Despite below par performances and shoddy dialogues, cinematographer SJ Star’s frames and Shawn Jazeel’s music provide a classy movie watching experience.

Nisabdham is indeed an honest attempt and it can be watchable for the message delivered but we only wish the director could’ve have taken more care with dialogues and execution.

Nisabdham review- Verdict: Average

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