Nishabdh (Music Review)

Nishabdh (Music Review)

Source: Sify

By: Taran Adarsh (IndiaFM)

Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 9 February 2007

Movie Title



Ram Gopal Varma

Star Cast

Amitabh Bachchan, Jiah Khan, Revathi, Aftab Shivdasani

Finally it's time for the world to witness the high voltage sensual drama that Ram Gopal Verma has made possible with Nishabd. For around a year there have been newsbytes in dozens about how RGV planned to aesthetically portray the love story of a 60 year old man [Amitabh Bachchan] and a 18 year old girl [Jiah Khan]. Now it should be a matter of weeks before one sees the events unfolding on the big screen. But before that the two lead actors sing a song apiece in this unique album that has just two tracks - 'Rozana' and 'Take Lite'.

Brilliant. That's the word which is apt to describe the feel of 'Rozana', a song taken to great heights due to 4 men involved with it. They are composer Vishal Bhardwaj, singer Amitabh Bachchan, lyricist Munna Dhiman and last but not the least film maker Ram Gopal Verma who dares yet again to give a go-ahead to a song like this that breaks the norm.

Beginning in a manner where Big B is almost inaudible for almost half a minute, 'Rozana' takes multiple routes throughout its duration. From being extremely low key to taking medium notes and then escalating to an all time high - the song has Vishal Bhardwaj stamp all over it. A love ballad about a man deeply in love with a woman, it could as well be called the best ever by Bachchan as a singer. In fact it won't be wrong to say that is there is a song that can be counted in the same league as 'Neela Aasmaan So Gaya' [Silsila], it is 'Rozana'. A must hear!

"This one has a potential to be one eye pleasing number" - this is what ends up exclaiming on the very first hearing of 'Take Lite'. Powered by some heavy orchestra and an overall western theme, 'Take Lite' has some thumping feel to it that you witness time and again in downtown discotheque tracks. A Hinglish number by Farhad Sajid that is a mix of Western, Turkish, Middle East and our own Bollywood flavor to it, this Amar Mohile composition should rock on screen if RGV goes all out on glamour quotient with some fast paced editing and camera cuts taking care of the rest.

And now let's talk about Jiah Khan who has sung 'Take Lite'. If one has to pick and choose some of the better actors who have come behind the mike to croon a number, Jiah would certainly be a front runner. In fact it is difficult to ascertain if she is an actor who has turned to singing or is it other way around! She surprises with the hold that she has behind her voice and gives a good account of a female who knows her strengths as singer!

Even though there are just two tracks in the album, Nishabd makes a worthy hear. Both 'Rozana' and 'Take Lite' are extremely worthy hears and actually end up defining the character graphs of the two lead protagonists in the film. The numbers are bound to go down very well with the narrative and if RGV too has put his heart and soul in this project just as his music team has, Nishabd as a film could well turn out to be a surprise success of the season!

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