Njan Marykutty review: An engaging watch

What works for this one is the dedication of Jayasurya, whose commitment to the role needs to be applauded

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 16 June 2018

Movie Title

Njan Marykutty review: An engaging watch


Ranjith Sankar

Star Cast

Jayasurya, Jewel Mary

In Njan Marykutty, director Ranjith Sankar presents the story of a trans woman, who is trying hard to fight against the prejudices of people around her.

The story begins when Mathukutty, who has been craving to get out of the pressure of being a man, which mentally he wasn’t, finally deciding to undergosurgery and become a woman.

He becomes Marykutty and his problems start when she comes back to her native place.

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Though her family disowns Marykutty, it is the priest (Innocent), who gives her all the confidence. She is determined to become a sub Inspector and joins a coaching institute to prepare for the exam. In between, she earns considerable appreciation in that area, as a Radio Jockey in the FM channel run by the church.

Though she works hard to achieve her goals in life, a few hurdles come in the way to make life difficult for her.

It’s a relevant and genuine issue, which has been narrated by the writer-director in a fairly engaging manner. Of course, the focus here is mainly about how others look at a trans woman. It is in the second half that the movie gains strength.

In a role that is absolutely challenging, Jayasurya comes up with a terrific show. He gets into the shoes of the character that he is playing with complete devotion and presents it in a convincing manner.

Also, watch out for a brilliant show by Joju George, who is there as a sub inspector. Innocent, Aju Varghese, Sivaji Guruvayoor and Jewel Mary also performs quite impressively.

Njan Marykutty may not be delving deep into the psyche of its protagonist like movies like A Fantastic Woman for instance and is mostly treading along in a formulaic pattern but has its fine moments nevertheless. What works for this one is the dedication of Jayasurya, whose commitment to the role needs to be applauded. Go for this one!

Njan Marykutty review - Verdict: An engaging watch

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SecondShow Media @2ndShowMedia

#NjanMarykuttyReview: Another good movie from hit combo #Jayasurya-#RanjithSankar.Excellent Performance from @Actor_Jayasurya, #Joju & good direction from the hit director @ranjithsankar are the highlights. Good perfo from #Innocent & @AjuVarghesee.

Malayalam box office @malyalammovieBO
#NjanMarykutty career best performance from #Jayasurya
Superb direction from @ranjithsankar
Super Hit on cards
Everyone performed well. A good message in the end. MUST WATCH

Snehasallapam @snehasallapam
#NjanMarykutty Interval: SUPERB TILL NOW
Getting better & better towards Interval
Police station scene is highlight...
Good performance from #Jayasurya & good making from @ranjithsankar

Kerala Box Office Updates @TeamKBOUpdates
Ranjith Sankar's Njan Marykutty might be the first Malayalam movie to have a transperson as the main character, and Jayasurya has done it in a whole lot different level. Detailed review soon....

Simba @Simba65993315
#NjanMarykutty is a really good movie. Have never been a fan of Jayasurya/RanjithShankar movies including the Punyalan series. But this one deserves an applause.

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