Njan Prakashan review: Script lacks the punch!

It’s not entirely a bad film and has its moments, but it is not a great one either.

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Critic's Rating: 2.5/5

Wednesday 12 June 2019

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Njan Prakashan review: Script lacks the punch!


Sathyan Anthikad

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When one of Malayalam’s most successful filmmaker-scenarist reunite after sixteen years, viewers cannot be blamed for expecting something special. Add an incredible actor like Fahadh Faasil to it and you wait for an absolute cracker on screen.

That is exactly where Njan Prakashan flounders. It’s not entirely a bad film and has its moments, but it is not a great one either.

Prakashan (Fahadh Faasil) is a male nurse who will do anything to make money and go abroad, other than doing the profession that he is trained in. He constantly looks at the globe and make dreams about settling somewhere abroad.

He realizes that his chance to go to Germany appears before him in the shape of ex-flame Salomi (Nikhila Vimal), who has got a visa to work there with a handsome salary. 

Prakashan, who has by the way changed his name to P R Akash by notifying in the government gazette, is eager to grab the opportunity and he does everything for Salomi and her family. 

When they need more money, Prakashan’s friend Gopalji (Sreenivasan) steals the necklace of his own wife. Gopalji is a supplier of Bengali workers. 

There are some laughs in the beginning but the comedy becomes predictable and the situations become less interesting. Then there is a highly emotional twist sometime later. Here too it is Fahadh’s character that comes to the rescue and makes it all look convincing.

Sreenivasan’s script lacks the punch of some of his gems from the past and this one becomes a rehash of a few of Sathyan Anthikad’s own earlier movies like Bhagyadevatha, Yathrakkarude Sradhakku, Vinodayathra and so on. 

Though the character offers him pretty little as a challenge, Fahadh manages to come out strong with his dedicated performance. Sreenivasan’s character is meant to be funny but is successful in doing that only in a limited way. Nikhila Vimal has nothing much to do. The rest of the cast have done their roles pretty fine.

Njan Prakashan has a shaky first half but a relatively more convincing second half. Go with limited expectations and this could be a fine one time watch.

Njan Prakashan review:  Go with limited expectations

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