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Monday 22 September 2014

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Director Ranjith has based his latest film, Njan, on writer T P Rajeevan?s book titled ?K T N Kottoor: Ezhuthum Jeevithavum?. The story is being narrated by Ravi Chandrasekhar, a daredevil blogger who is inspired by the firebrand style of a mysterious character from the past named K T N Kottoor.

Ravi?s atempt to delve deep into the intriguing life of Kottoor is what the film is about (both characters are being played by Dulquer Salmaan).

Kottoor was an extremely talented writer and a non-conformist by nature. He defied existing social norms and lived life as per his own terms. He questioned hypocrisy but was never bound by commitments in his personal life.

The life of Kottoor is narrated by a group of theatre activists and some of them appear in those scenes as characters. But as the end titles start rolling the first question that comes to our mind is on what makes this man worthy enough to be an inspiration?

If his philosophies made him different, the film is never really focuses on such genuine aspects.

Beneath the pretentious backdrop, the film meanders along his rather ?colourful? personal life and unnecessary detailing that often become clich?d. At around 160 minutes, it is not an easy task to sit through this one.

Ranjith, who has left his signature in most films of his in some way, has perhaps been lazy here. There is a definite attempt to make a satirical look on the stubborn nature of the mindsets of the society around us and that needs to be appreciated for sure.

The idea here is that the disturbingly hypocritical nature of the society continues to remain the same even now and it was all there right from those times when the country was ruled by foreigners. The times may have changed but not the basic attitudes. But such genuine thoughts become ineffective on screen with a shaky script and half-baked characters.

Dulquer Salmaan sports a moustache, a pair of spectacles and a weird hairstyle but that can barely help him to get into the shoes of the character that he is playing. Most of the characters are stereotyped and are even surprisingly superficial. By the time the film comes to a close, they all have left you, without making any definite impression.

Njan has a promising premise, but it is a half-hearted attempt that ends up as a disappointment. Now, decide on your own!

Verdict: Average

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