No Problem review: Even a talking gorilla can?t save this one

No Problem review: Even a talking gorilla can?t save this one

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 10 December 2010

Movie Title

No Problem review: Even a talking gorilla can?t save this one


Anees Bazmee

Star Cast

Anil Kapoor,Sanjay Dutt,Akshaye Khanna,Suniel Shetty,Kangna Ranaut,Neetu Chandra,Sushmita Sen

This writer had promised she wouldn?t pun on the title, but the film is such - a whole lot of problem. The desperation to outdo his earlier films shows; but this time writer-director Anees Bazmee is neither amusing nor funny.

Zandulal (Paresh Rawal) is settled in a village in South Africa with a blonde and their three children, including an African American. That is explained as their African American cook serves them lunch.

Yash (Sanjay Dutt) and Raj (Akshaye Khanna) are two conmen who are their guests for the day. The hospitality is the result of their having saved Zandulal from a gorilla.

But true to habit, they rob the local bank that Zandulal runs and flee to Durban. Zandulal follows them. Coincidentally, both of them turn out to be neighbours.

So while Zandulal is giving them the chase, Raj falls for Sanjana (Kangana Ranaut). The plot muddles further when we realise that Sanjana is the sister of Kajal (Sushmita Sen) who is married to clumsy cop Arjun (Anil Kapoor).

Since Raj and Yash have spent all the money they robbed from the bank, they promise Zandulal they?ll recover the money somehow. The three together hatch a plan to rob yet again to pay off the loot from the earlier robbery...phew!

Meanwhile true to 1980s mainstream Hindi films, the villains in the film have names like Marcos (Suneil Shetty) and Sophia (Neetu Chandra). They?re after diamonds that were in the tijori Raj and Yash looted. So there.

Check out the central characters: Akshaye Khanna?s character scouts around at seedy film sets asking for his weekly instalment (women).

Anil Kapoor?s character brings home a prostitute. Sanjay Dutt plays a role that is undeniably corrupt.

These are our protagonists in the film. And if showing them as cute romantics isn?t glamourising crime, what is? In fact in a song, they?re shown as having it all: money, women (shots of showering cash on women), and the cars.

Oh but wait, we?re not allowed to question and request logic in such films, right? Right.

The storytelling is strikingly archaic; the comedy dull. Women in bikinis wrapped around cars, bikes, and the lead actors are flaunted in almost every scene.

There?s even a shot that closes in on their behinds for good measure. Perhaps the idea was to take attention away from the over-the-hill leading men comprising Sanjay Dutt, Anil Kapoor and Paresh Rawal where Akshaye Khanna is the youngest. Or perhaps it?s to take attention away from the fact that there was no great script in the first place that could command such a mega-budget blitzkrieg.

Anees Bazmee is also apparently suffering a Singh is Kinng hangover. All the characters are made to don the turban (they?ve thrown in a disguise angle in the story) for a song; they even dance to the Singh is Kinng title track for a bit during the finale. It?s all a terribly anxious attempt at reminding the audience of his earlier success.

Perhaps the only effective performance is the cameo by Vijay Raaz. The others, all accomplished actors otherwise, are busy screaming out their dialogue making you yearn for ear-plugs. Dialogue has Sanjana?s character compare herself to a plain-looking friend, ?She?s a TV, I am a Plasma.?

For `comedy?, you have Sushmita Sen?s character suffering a split personality disorder where she gets daily fits of wanting to murder her husband. So you have several scenes where Sushmita is made to act as if she were possessed, chasing Anil Kapoor with a knife or whatever while their frightened kid see this all.Sheesh.

But you may enjoy all this if a gorilla breaking wind sending a character flying (shown off in the promos), or the same gorilla turning to the camera and saying No Problem is fun. Only if this is your kind of comedy, think about sampling this one.

Verdict: 1.5 stars

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