No.66 Madurai Bus

No.66 Madurai Bus


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 02 July 2012

Movie Title

No.66 Madurai Bus


M A Nishad

Star Cast

Pasupathy, Makrand Deshpande, Padmapriya, Mallika

Two childhood friends and a girl who loved one of them. The bitter friend wreaking havoc in the lives of the couple. Revenge. Drama. And more drama.

If you are still attracted to these kind of olden days story that have been told several times before, you may find director M A Nishad?s No.66 Madurai Bus okay in parts. But chances are really less and the film could turn out to be a nightmare in the end.

Varadan (Pasupathy) is travelling in a KSRTC bus heading for Madurai from Kollam. He become friends with a fellow traveller named Padma (Padmapriya) during the journey and narrates his eventful life story to her. Right from his childhood days, he had a friend named Sanjayan (Makrand Deshpande), who chose to pursue the wicked path. Varadan fell in love with their childhood friend Bhavayami (Mallika) and married her later. Sanjayan continued to tread the wrong path and cruelly ruined the life of his friend. Now it is the time for him to face the music for his misdeeds.

With a thoroughly ordinary script by K V Anil, full of contrived scenes and ill fitting dialogues, director M A Nishad has preferred to make this highly predictable saga, in a rather old fashioned way.

The film boasts of a pretty impressive star cast but the actors can barely live up to their true abilities with poorly written roles. Some of them seem to have taken their roles too lightly as well. Or how will you explain Padmapriya?s stylish haircut and outfits, considering that she is coming out of a jail? Or a traveller in the bus orchestrating a terrible accident in which he hopes himself to survive and his rival to get killed?

No.66 Madurai Bus is meant for those who don?t take movies too seriously. If you have decided to watch this one, better leave your brain back home. Or else, you will end up thinking only about the million goofs in between!

Verdict: Below Average

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