November Story: Fairly engaging!

 November Story -Fairly thrilling

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Critic's Rating: 2.5/5

Thursday 20 May 2021

Movie Title

November Story: Fairly engaging!


Ram Subramanian

Star Cast

Tamannaah, GM Kumar, Pasupathi, Vivek Prasanna

Tamannaah Bhatia's maiden Tamil web show November Story is a thriller that has a good plot but poor writing, logical loopholes, and above all its length makes it an average watch

Anuradha (Tamannaah Bhatia) is an ethical hacker and doting daughter of revered crime novel writer Ganesan (GM Kumar) who suffers from Alzheimer's. Anuradha tries her best to sell her dad's old house to take care of his medical expenses but Ganesan refuses to sign the papers. 

Meanwhile, Ganesan ends up in a murder scene in his locked old house. Anuradha spills paint on the dead body and covers the crime. But an intelligent cop Sudalai's (Aruldoss) investigation and a retired forensic pathologist Yesu (Pasupathi)'s clues zeroes in Ganesan as the murderer. Can Anuradha saves her dad and find the real murderer?

For a Tamil web show, November Story is engaging from the beginning and each episode ends with an unexpected twist. But we wish that a few episodes less would have made it slick and there is no need for the climax to be stretched after unwinding all the twists and turns. The police station scenes (discussions of Aruldoss and his team of police officers) fizzle out after a point.

Tamannaah shines as the doting daughter and ethical hacker with minimal makeup but her dubbing is a major let-down. Pasupathi has done a good job, his backstory without dialogues is intriguing. GM Kumar fits the bill and Vivek Prasanna has played his part decently.

The music and sound design rightly amplify the thriller but being a web show, November Story's production values should have been top-notch to match with international shows. Looks like, the makers have shot the show on a tight budget.

Overall, November Story is a fairly engaging murder mystery.

Verdict:Thriller with minor hiccups




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