Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 18 October 2010

Movie Title



Asai Thambi

Star Cast

Dhaya, Thamarai, Santhanabharathi, Ganja Karuppu, Shakila

Ochaayi is yet another rehash of Ameer?s Paruthiveeran, which kicked off the Madurai village stories in Kollywood.

The director Asai Thambi has nothing new to say other than rehashing so many earlier ?Made in Madurai? films with more melodrama and violence.

The story is set in a village near Madurai. A farmer (Rajesh) kills his second wife as she is caught in a compromising situation with her lover. His only son turns into a wayward, as he grows up among the local goons.

By the time Rajesh comes out of jail, his son (Daya) has become a full fledged goonda. Rajesh tries to get him married to his niece (Thamara), but the son is a women hater. Meanwhile he gets into more trouble with the big don (Santhanabharathy), and is a marked man.

The film drags big time and is highly melodramatic and follows the pattern set by such films. It is dark and dreary and characterization of the hero and heroine makes it unbearable. The dialogues and situations are hackneyed and predictable. The moment the mentally disturbed character is introduced a sense of d?j? vu sets in.

Verdict- Avoid

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