Odiyan review- Watch it if you are a Mohanlal fan!

Odiyan falls flat in the second half with too many unwanted songs, a romantic angle and a silly climax fight

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Critic's Rating: 2.5/5

Wednesday 12 June 2019

Movie Title

Odiyan review- Watch it if you are a Mohanlal fan!


V A Shrikumar Menon

Star Cast

Mohanlal, Manju Warrier, Prakash Raj

Director V A Shrikumar Menon’s Odiyan (Sorcerer) has Mohanlal playing a magician, a man with extraordinary acrobatic skills and has the power to assume the shape of an animal when required.

The story begins when Odiyan Manikyan (Mohanlal) is seen in Varanasi, where he saves a woman from a freak accident. He then comes back to his native place at a remote village known as Thenkurishi, where we are told about his life until then, in flashbacks.

Once back in his hometown, some arrogant young men from the locality provokes Manikyan. They are warned by the older lot on how dangerous he is, but that doesn’t deter them from challenging Manikyan.

It was from his grandfather, Muthappan (Manoj Joshi), that Manikyan learnt his superhuman skills. We are also told about his closeness to Prabha (Manju Warrier), who belongs to a wealthy tharavadu where Manikyan is a casual worker and caretaker. Ravunni (Prakash Raj), Prabha's cousin is smitten by her charm but she is barely interested in him.

The main problem here is that most surprises that are being offered on screen have already been shown to all through the trailers and promotional materials. Even then, there is considerable build up in the first half which gives the viewer a feeling that a lot is in store. Well, in all fairness, this one works more, with lesser expectations.The introduction scene and the Odiyan antics are arresting in the first half.

But the film falls flat in the second half with too many unwanted songs, a romantic angle and a silly climax fight! Based on a rather simple and mostly predictable idea, scenarist Harikrishnan and director Shrikumar Menon rely on dramatic situations and hard hitting dialogues. The visuals and the music are good.

It is Mohanlal’s brilliant performance that is the highlight of Odiyan. He looks convincing as a man with magical skills. Manju Warrier looks beautiful and is in a fine form. Though his role doesn’t offer anything new, Prakash Raj performs his character in a dedicated manner. Manoj Joshi, Sana Althaf, Sidhique and Nandu are impressive.

Mohanlal gives his heart and soul to his role but the question remains if the script and the direction is competent enough to get the best out of the genius actor. 

Odiyan doesn't live up to all the hype that has been created even before its release, but even then qualifies as a one time watch.

Odiyan review- Verdict: Watch it for Mohanlal

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