Odu Raja Odu -A black comedy that is watchable

Odu Raja Odu is an experimental black comedy which can be watched for the attempt of a young team

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 17 August 2018

Movie Title

Odu Raja Odu -A black comedy that is watchable


Nishanth Ravindran & Jathin Sanker Raj

Star Cast

Guru Somasundaram, Lakshmi Priya, Nassar, Venkat, Deepak

By Moviebuzz

Director Nishanth Ravindran & Jathin Sanker Raj's Odu Raja Odu is a hyperlink black comedy with plenty of characters who run to achieve their own goals, get interconnected by fate and a convenient screenplay. It is watchable fun ride.

Manohar (Guru Somasundaram) is a struggling writer whose wife pressurizes him to get a set top box for her and he goes out with his friend who is a drug peddler, Peter (Venkatesh) to fulfill her wish for their wedding anniversary.

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But to their misfortune, both Manohar and Peter are threatened by gangster Veerabadhran (Deepak) and his sidekick to close a deal for them. However, things go awry for both as that they land in a retired gangster Kalimuthu's (Nassar) place for help, but it only lead to another mishap!

Finally, how both Manohar and Peter fulfill the wish of the former's wife and come out of their problems form the crux of the story...

Nishant has tried his best to deliver a black comedy with several characters but the problem is that the hurdles faced by the protagonist are not extraordinary. However, the directors must be appreciated for trying to add as many quirky elements as possible. He has basically intended to justify the black comedy genre and achieved it to an extent.

On the downside the production values are below par, like a mole on Nassar's face is wrongly placed in a few scenes and CG work is also not up to the mark.

Performance wise, Guru Somasundaram is okay as there is no big scope for the actor to perform. The other actors are also just adequate.

The film’s treatment is also quite confusing in the first half and only after the intermission, all the characters get registered in our mind. To conclude, Odu Raja Odu is an experimental black comedy which can be watched for the attempt of a young team.

Odu Raja Odu review: Watchable

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#OduRajaOdu from today
A lighthearted entertainer with some genuine comedy

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#OduRajaOdu is a fast moving black comedy with lots of twists and turns. Neat performances from the lead #GuruSomasundaram & @LakshmiPriyaaC

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#OduRajaOdu is an experimental black comedy which is an honest attempt from a young team. #GuruSomasundaram @LakshmiPriyaaC #OROfromToday
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