Ohm Shanthi Oshaana

Ohm Shanthi Oshaana



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 08 February 2014

Movie Title

Ohm Shanthi Oshaana


Jude Anthany Joseph

Star Cast

Nazriya Nazim, Nivin Pauly

As you listen to Nazriya Nazim narrating her love story, you just don?t want it to end!

Set in a familiar premise with honesty, and peppering the film with tender moments, debutant director Jude Anthany Joseph creates an engaging enough drama in Ohm Shanthi Oshaana, that you're happy to emotionally invest in.

Unlike our usual diet, this one has the heroine who narrates her love story. She falls in for the ample charms of a commoner and here it is the girl chasing the boy.

Pooja Mathew (Nazriya Nazim) is the only child of a rich couple. She is a tomboy and inspired by the tales of her aunt, she decides pretty early in her life that it is going to be love marriage only for her in life.

And she finds her prince charming pretty soon, Giri (Nivin Pauly), after a freak incident. He comes from a poor family and to look after his mother, he has become a farmer.

It is a smartly packaged romantic spoof clearly in the pattern of modern day rom?coms that we have seen in Bollywood and Hollywood, but it has a fresh style that is new for Malayalam.

And the film scores big time with its well?written lines and innocence. The passion of those who have made this film is there in every frame and needs to be appreciated for sure.

Jude Anthany Joseph, who has written the script with Midhun Manuel Thomas, makes some digs at the traditional patterns and is full of confidence as he adds the stereotyped dialogues in Mollywood love stories, with some funny twists in between. Vinod Illampilly?s visuals are good and music director Shaan Rahman is in top form.

Nivin Pauly, who surprised all with a fine performance in last week?s ?1983? is back as the tough looking chocolate hero with a heart of gold. He looks snazzy and has done the role in a dedicated manner, allowing the heroine to grab all the attention.

But this film belongs to Nazriya Nazim who plays the spoilt rich-kid protagonist and she is the film's biggest strength. It is her story and her character is bratty but delightful.She turns in what is easily one of the year's most confident and assured performances.

The ?celebrity performers? (Renji Panicker, Vineeth Sreenivasan and Lal Jose) are good in their roles but it can be debated if the film would have been even more appealing if the makers had gone for more experienced actors or for some more talented fresh performers.

Ohm Shanthi Oshaana is well crafted and scores big time, besides some occasional bumpy ride at certain areas, with its cuteness. Grab a box of popcorn and enjoy this one!

This one is sure to leave you with a big smile on your face.

Verdict: Good

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