Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 26 August 2013

Movie Title



A V Sasidharan

Star Cast

Fahadh Faasil, Subhiksha

How do you try to be different while making a film? For some of the directors in Malayalam, the easiest way is to sound obscure. And at times, it goes to the extent of alienating the viewers, like it happens with debutant director A V Sasidharan's Olipporu.

There is a basic premise that shows some real promise here and with an earnest show, lead actor Fahadh Faasil makes us believe that this one is a serious attempt. But we can only watch it with disbelief as visuals, dialogues and sequences appear and disappear, without conveying any real meaning.

Does it all appeal to any section of viewers? Maybe there are certain groups who would enjoy this. Fair enough. But then why test the patience of the ?normal? viewers by giving tremendous publicity and marketing it like a normal film? All those who have spent money and time to watch this, would like to know for sure.

Ajayan (Fahadh Faasil) is a techie, writing blogs under the pseudonym 'Olipporaali'. He plans a show with some of his friends, who write blogs under titles like Clutch, Gear, Brake and Pachakkuthira, at Bangalore. Before the show happens, Ajayan is fatally injured in a bike accident and is admitted to a hospital.

It is only then that his fellow bloggers realize that they barely know anything about Ajayan, outside the virtual world. Now Ajayan unveils his mysterious life to viewers, through some flashbacks.

Movies can be conceived in many ways and the narrative patterns can be experimental for sure. But here, scenarist P N Gopikrishnan and director A V Sasidharan are trying to baffle the viewer raising almost every issue that is being discussed by the society these days.

From environment, communalism, atrocities against women to corruption and religious intolerance gets a mention here. Then there is Ajayan's difficulty to pronounce certain Malayalam alphabets and his brief romance with a friend named Vani (Subhiksha). But all these attempts fall flat.

The film has really good visuals by Manoj Mundayat, but still fails to entertain because of the pretentious tone and the desperate efforts to brand it as an intellectual exercise. Beneath all the facade, this one neither succeeds in entertaining the viewers nor makes any valid statements.

A terrific actor like Fahadh Faasil has been wasted in this meek experiment. Kalabhavan Mani and the rest of the cast seem to have no clue about what is happening here!

Even if you are ready to watch an unconventional film with lots of experiments, Olipporu may look bizarre. This one is strictly for those who know what they have in store at the cinemas.

Fahadh, you deserve better projects!

Verdict: Avoidable

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