One-day match between KP Karuppu & Rocket Raja

Last Updated: Sat, Jan 15, 2011 05:05 hrs

The first set of Pongal films: Aadukalam and Siruthai are releasing today (Jan 14).

It's Bhogi  and there is sure to be a lot of smoke emanating from this encounter.

It is a straight shoot out this Friday at the Tamil Nadu box-office between two young stars Dhanush and Karthi.

Both have got around 250 screens in Tamil Nadu, and their films have been aggressively marketed. 

There is a lot of similarity between the characters that the two stars play in the film. They are mass characters spewing punchlines and playing to the gallery.

Dhanush plays KP Karuppu a local Madurai guy who wears lungi, while Rocket Raja played by Karthi is a petty pickpocket and a mass guy.

The trade has called it a one day match, as Ilayathalapathiy Vijay's Kaavalan is expected to take over the Pongal box-office from Saturday. 

A good opening on Friday will ensure a share of Rs 2.5 Crore to Rs 3 Crore from TN, which revenue wise is fantastic.

Which of the two releasing today will get the better opening, is the big question being asked by the trade?

In Chennai city Aadukalam and Siruthai are releasing in 18 screens. The best of popular single screens like Tiruvanmayur Thyagaraja, I Dream and Chrompet Vetri have gone to Aadukalam.  Big screen at Sathyam Cinemas has gone to Siruthai for a day, till Kaavalan takes over.

Aadukalam leads in advance booking and has been sold out for the big weekend, but Siruthai is breathing down its neck.