One review: A relevant political drama


Source: SIFY


Critic's Rating: 3.5/5

Saturday 27 March 2021

Movie Title

One review: A relevant political drama


Santhosh Viswanath

Star Cast

Mammootty, Murali Gopy, Joju George

One, directed by Santhosh Viswanath based on a script by Bobby and Sanjay, is a political drama that poses some pertinent questions about the nature of our politicians and the system that governs us.

The story begins when a waiter at a restaurant, played by Salim Kumar, is asked to deliver a food packet at an apartment. He is made to climb the staircase to deliver the food on the twelfth floor. He collapses there and is taken to the hospital.

His family reaches the hospital. But his children, Sanal (Mathew Thomas) and Seena (Gayathri Arun) are not permitted to go inside as the Chief Minister is there for some medical checkup. The behavior of the cops there prompts Sanal to write a Facebook post, against the Chief Minister, from a fake profile.

This creates a storm, with the opposition calling for a hartal, and Sanal decides to flee from the place. However, he is caught by the police and is taken to the official residence of the Kerala Chief Minister, Kadakkal Chandran (Mammootty).

Chandran becomes friendly with Sanal and soon the story shifts to the political games involving the ruling party and the opposition, led by the wily opposition leader Jayanandan (Murali Gopy). 

The only person in his party who supports Chandran wholeheartedly is Baby (Joju George), the party president.

Later, Chandran introduces a bill that comes as a shock for the corrupt politicians.

The bill for the ‘Right to Recall’ proposed by the Chief Minister could be the actual focus here, which can even be labeled as an apolitical theory by many. Of course, you can agree with the idea or not, based on your political beliefs. 

Still, this one manages to make some statements about those politicians who conveniently forget that it is the mandate of the public that gives them all the power and fortune. And though some subplots are not really hitting the mark perfectly, the movie is genuine and topical. 

Mammootty is excellent as Kadakkal Chandran and gets into the shoes of the character in a stylish way. Murali Gopy has to look menacing and he does that quite convincingly. Joju George is subtle and effective. Mathew Thomas has an important role which he does with so much maturity. The rest of the cast have done their parts well.

There were rumours that Mammootty’s character in One has been inspired by the current Kerala Chief Minister, Pinarayi Vijayan. But it is clear that such assumptions were only based on a few mannerisms of the lead character. Watch this one for Mammootty’s sterling performance. 

Verdict: A relevant political drama


Critic’s rating: 3.5/5

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