Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 29 July 2013

Movie Title



Parthan Mohan

Star Cast

Jagadish, Soumya, Rosin

If some moneybags is ready to cough up handsome sums to finance your dreams, can you just go out and make a film? Maybe you can make a film, but the real challenge is to make it interesting and genuine.

Debutant director Parthan Mohan's ?One? is one of those films where the only thought that comes to your mind as absurd visuals keep playing on the screen will be - why did someone made this one?

It's a horror film and the settings are perfect for any clich?d scary flick. Five techies (Vishnu, Vinu, Rosin, Devika and Soumya) along with their team leader (Jagadeesh), goes on a weekend to a haunted bungalow.

Now, the only thing that is possible inside this huge bungalow is to shoot a horror flick! Totally unclean, dusty and with no one in the vicinity, what else do you expect to happen there?

Then, the usual symbols are all present. Located in the midst of a forest, with some temple remnants nearby, darkness, silences, screeches, the mandatory paintings on the walls and a toy telephone that rings just to scare you - it's all there. As it is mandatory in new age thrillers, one of the team members has a handy cam glued on to her hands. Of course, witches in white sarees have been replaced by denim-clad beauties.

Though only six characters are there in the film, we don't see a proper glimpse of at least two of them, until perhaps the climax. The visuals and the narrative rarely sync.

The film could have been made by some fans of horror movies like ?Silent House?, ?The Blair Witch Project? or the likes. But the viewers who are ready to get scared could end up grinning at things that are unintentionally funny!

Let's make this clear. Any movie lover would like to watch new experiments that too by passionate and young wannabes. But there should be a concern for the time, money and patience about the viewers as well.

'One' not just fails to make any impression whatsoever as a horror film but is a colossal bore. From a pathetic script, amateurish direction to below-par performances, this one can hardly be called a worthy attempt.

Not this 'One', please!

Verdict: Avoidable

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