Onnum Mindaathe

Onnum Mindaathe



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 30 March 2014

Movie Title

Onnum Mindaathe



Star Cast

Jayaram, Meera Jasmine

Welcome to director Sugeeth?s ?goody-goody? world in his latest outing, Onnum Mindaathe. As it happened in movies for so long, the lead pair comes with a heart of gold. They think, eat, sleep and romance only ?good?. But at a certain point, something ?slightly bad? happens and they are distraught.

As melodrama and clich?s go on and on, we start wondering if this one was made a few decades back! Of course, there lies the catch. The film is a modern day adaptation of the 1982 film, ?Aalolam?.

Sachi (Jayaram) is an agricultural officer, living happily with his wife Shyama (Meera Jasmine) and their daughter, Shivani (Baby Anika). Life is going along perfectly for the couple, with the husband and wife going on with their romance intact.

But the coming of Sachi?s childhood friend Jose (Manoj K Jayan) tilts the equations in a big way. Sachi is lured by Jose into smoke, booze and then, to a vamp, named Rose (Sarayu). Needless to add, things go wrong for Sachi and family, thereafter.

Except for those fanatics of the mega serials on TV, the rest of world might find the overplay of emotions pretentious and boring. The sequences have a seen it all before feel, and some of them have been inspired from several hit films ranging from ?Chinthavishtayaya Shyamala? to ?Happy Husbands?.

Double meaning dialogues and bed room comedy, which the Malayalam filmmakers ? both old gen and new gen have long acknowledged as essential ingredients in family dramas are there in plenty.

Then there is the quintessential mention of Mohanlal and Padmarajan, with clippings from Thoovanathumbikal. It?s irritating to see the current crop of directors piggybacking on classics for some easy applause.

Sugeeth, who made the comedy ?Ordinar?y and the disastrous ?3 Dots?, is trying to play it safe with this formulaic family drama. Rajesh Raghavan of ?Vadhyar? and ?3 Dots? fame have written the screenplay and dialogues. Faisal Ali?s visuals and Anil Johnson?s music are okay at best.

Jayaram should win the award for the most consistent actor in Malayalam, pun intended, for doing every character of his, in the same way. He repeats his signature style once again. Meera Jasmine has nothing much to do and she looks totally disinterested. Manoj K Jayan hams it up, while Lalu Alex looks good as Jayaram?s elder brother.

Onnum Mindaathe pertains to the category of movies that are male chauvinistic to the core, where an erring hero can get away with anything with a repentance and his wife is expected to wait for him to reform, with love and compassion in her big heart.

Such mindsets still exist?

But then, it?s exclusively meant for satellite rights, as it could attract those hardcore fans of TV soaps at least in parts.

Verdict: Below Average

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