Oozham review: A revenge drama

Oozham review: A revenge drama



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 09 September 2016

Movie Title

Oozham review: A revenge drama


Jeethu Joseph

Star Cast

Prithviraj, Neeraj Madhav, Jayaprakash

In Oozham, director Jeethu Joseph narrates a revenge drama.

Surya Krishnamoorthy (Prithviraj) is an engineer based in United States, who is an expert in using explosives for technical purposes. The initial portions of the film are about his visit to his home, where his Tamil Brahmin family is getting ready for his sister's marriage.

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He returns to the US after a few days but he is shocked to see his parents and sister brutally murdered by a ruthless gang, through a chat window. Surya come back and seeks revenge for the killing of his loved ones, with the help of his foster brother Ajmal (Neeraj Madhav) and Gayathri (Divya Pillai), whose brother was killed earlier, by the same gang.

As it is soon revealed, Surya's father, a health inspector had questioned the shady dealings of a medicine giant, who are providing vaccines and medicines after spreading diseases.

There is no real suspense here and it is evident quite early on who the baddies are. How Surya and his friends give them back the pain that they suffered, is what the film talks about.

First things first. This one is not a nail biter, but is more of a clichéd drama, with lots of emotions that becomes melodramatic at times and also with some good action sequences. Jeethu has focused mainly on some techniques and styles that works to a certain extent. But the problem is when the narrative gets predictable and then, the story is limited to the tussle between the hero and the villains.

Prithviraj looks stylish and he gets into the skin of his character quite well. The heroine, played by Divya Pillai, never thinks before swinging into action and blindly follows the hero. Pasupathy's character nicknamed Captain is known for his expertise in handling explosives but becomes unintentionally funny. The villains in general have been presented in a stereotyped manner.

Let this be clear. Oozham is no Drishyam by any means. This one has its moments but one gets the feeling that it could have been better scripted. Now decide on your own.

Oozham review- Verdict: Average

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