Critic's Rating: 3/5

Tuesday 06 October 2015

Movie Title



Sanal Kumar Sasidharan

Star Cast

Prakash Bare, Meena Kandasamy

Director Sanal Kumar Sasidharan’s Oraalppokkam is an interesting journey delving deep into the mind of an egoistic male named Mahendran.

Mahendran (Prakash Bare) and Maya (Meena Kandasamy) are having a live in relationship. They had decided to give each other their own space and never to get married. But Maya becomes disturbed by Mahendran’s casual approach towards their relationship. She becomes a bit possessive at a particular juncture. Mahendran is in turn furious and rudely disregards her feelings. 

Their relationship ends quite abruptly and Maya finds it difficult to cope up with the sudden turnaround of events. 

Mahendran doesn’t give a hoot about losing her initially and he goes on with his carefree life. He even deletes her contact from his phone but soon after she calls him from Kedarnath. He acts cool though it is evident that somewhere inside, he is missing her as well. But his arrogance is not ready to accept it. However he soon realizes that it’s not as easy as he had imagined it to be. 

The news about a fatal landslide in Uttarakhand comes as a rude shock and Mahendran desperately tries to contact her. When he can’t connect, he decides to go on a trip to find her. And the search for her turns out to be a journey into his own self. 

Sanal Kumar Sasidharan, who won the Kerala state film award for the best director recently, handles the self-discovery of a pompous man with tremendous maturity, without adding the clichéd ingredients of serious or the so-called “arty” films. He never become judgmental and involves the viewer during the whole process. 

Prakash Bare and Meena Kandasamy come up with dedicated performances and are indeed convincing. 

Oralppokkam is refreshing, realistic and is quite thought provoking. It is one journey that will prompt the viewers to look into their own thoughts and beliefs about life and relationships. If you have an eye for serious cinema, don’t miss this one.

Verdict: Good

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