Oraayiram Kinaakkalal review: An absurd and boring misadventure.

Oraayiram Kinaakkalal review: An absurd and boring misadventure

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 09 April 2018

Movie Title

Oraayiram Kinaakkalal review: An absurd and boring misadventure.


Pramod Mohan

Star Cast

Biju Menon, Roshan Mathew, Sharu P Varghese

Actuallywhat was director Pramod Mohan trying to present with his film, Oraayiram Kinaakkalal? Is it a crimethriller or a comedy? There are every chance that your doubts will never be answeredeven after sitting through this tiring saga for some 2 hours and 20 minutes. 

Sreeram(Biju Menon) has come back home from London with great dreams and is livinghere with his pregnant wife Preethi (Sakshi Aggarwal) and their daughter. Hegoes to office as usual everyday but that is to hide the fact that he is jobless,from his family. In reality, he is spending his days drinking cups of tea,sitting at a roadside café. 

It’s duringan interaction with a ruthless moneylender named Lalaji (Sai Kumar) that Sreerammeets Jaison (Roshan Mathew). Jaison comes up with a plan to earn some fastbucks and Sreeram reluctantly becomes part of the plot. Circle InspectorShajahan (Kalabhavan Shajon), Jaison’s girlfriend Sherin (Sharu P Varghese) anddriver Venu (Nirmal Palazhi) also join the gang later. 

By the timethe story reaches this key area in the storyline, you barely have any interestin the rest of the proceedings and it all happens without offering muchsurprises as well. Some are killed in between and nobody cares much about ithere. 

With acharacter that barely suits him, Biju Menon looks totally at sea here. Hecontinuously call everyone with names similar to their actual one, which isperhaps meant to tickle the funny bone but ends up irritating the viewer aftera while. Roshan Mathew hams it up and at times, his character’s doings areunintentionally funny. The less said about the rest of the cast, the better. 

Oraayiram Kinaakkalal has been presented seriously but isan absurd and boring misadventure. Can we know how the director convinced theproducers and an actor like Biju Menon to do this one? That could be a more interestingtale than this so-called thriller. 

Oraayiram Kinaakkalal review- Verdict: Torture



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