Oram Po

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Saturday 1 December 2007

Movie Title

Oram Po


Pushkar &Gayathri

Star Cast

Arya, Pooja, Lal,

Debutant director duo Pushkar and Gayathri, the husband and wife team starts their Oram Po on a promising note, but somewhere along the way it runs out of gas. The film explores Chennai's secret auto street racing circuit and is targeted mainly at B and C audiences with its crude, at times funny street language.

Chandru (Arya) is a street smart auto driver cum racer in the illegal street racing and his mentor and good friend is ace mechanic Bigle (Lal), who can soup up autos to speed up to 130 kilometers! There is a rival gang led by another mechanic who calls himself 'Son of Gun' (John Vijay) a very funny man who is always willing to bet big time on these races.

Meanwhile Chandru has an affair with Rani (Pooja) a street side Biriyani seller and a cousin of Bigle, who later becomes pregnant creating rift among the friends. At the same time Chandru loses his priced possession Lakshmi, his auto to the local moneylender as he could not pay the loan amount taken for his vehicle. Once again Bigle comes to his rescue and together they challenge Son of Gun for one more race where the stakes are high!

The film is quite racy and is short at 2 hours 1 minute, but lacks a proper script and is more of a conversational style dialogue and camaraderie between auto racers, mechanics and other assorted characters you find in Pudupet area of Chennai. There is a lot of Chennai Cheri (slum) dialogues aimed at the front benchers. The climax is a bit of a downer and abrupt, production values are nil giving it a totally down market look and the song picturisation is basic.

The major plus point of the film is the music of G.V Prakash, with the senti song Idhu Ena Mayyam.. being the pick of the lot, while the hip-hop cum Kuthu Pattu Kozhi Kalu.. is peppy along with the title track. Nirav Shah has been credited as the cinematographer, but there is no Nirav touch except the climax auto race.

Arya has a Pattiyal hangover, but towers over the show, his love scenes with Pooja, laid back style and action scenes are a real treat. Pooja with her girl next door looks is adequate as the street side biriyani seller, Lal is ok but it is the new guy John Vijay as 'Son of Gun' who is the scene stealer. His dialogue delivery, comic interludes and expressive eyes makes it worth a look.

Pushkar and Gayathri has etched out the basic thread for the film from the Hollywood movie on illegal Street racing Fast and Furious, which they have Indianised against a Chennai milieu. Oram Po just makes it to the finishing line!

Verdict: Time Pass

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