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Sunday 18 March 2012

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Kunchacko Boban, Asif Ali, Biju Menon, Shritha, Ann Augustine

There are two striking aspects in debutant director Sugeeth?s Ordinary. One is a largely unexplored and beautiful land called Gavi. The other is ?the KSRTC bus service?, which whether we like it or not, is part of our lives. But the problem here is that this backdrop has not been developed into a gripping storyline or script.

Eravikkuttan Pillai (Kunchacko Boban) has joined KSRTC as a conductor in the only bus that connects Pathanamthitta and Gavi. The driver of this bus is Sukumaran (Biju Menon), who speaks in an accent, which is different from everyone else in the film.

Now the rest of the characters are being introduced almost in the routine format, as we usually see in most films of this genre. Asif Ali is Bhadran, an unkempt looking pump operator, Ann Augustine is a post woman named Anna and then there is Kalyani, played by debutante Shritha Sivadas, who does a variety of jobs to take care of her family. A retired teacher (Lalu Alex), a drunkard (Baburaj), a priest (Raghavan), a young school teacher (Jishnu), a teashop owner (T P Madhavan) and his daughter (Vaigha) include the supporting cast.

The entire first half is a painfully long build up to a more serious incident happening just before the intermission. The jokes are funny in parts, at best. Some of the characters appear at regular intervals to crack jokes and disappear quite conveniently. Like for instance, Baburaj, who disappears after a while.

The same applies to the KSRTC bus as well, which is operated only when the conductor and driver have nothing else to do! Though the film has been set in Gavi, only parts of that beautiful land is being shown on screen.

If you are not too keen about the pattern, styling, script or characterization in a movie, chances are that ?Orindary? can turn out to be a watchable entertainer. With an ordinary script and a rather conventional narration, director Sugeeth too seems to be aiming for nothing big. Faisal Ali?s visuals are good and Vidyasagar?s tunes, though there are too many songs than what one would have liked, are okay.

But the highlight of the film could be a spectacular performance by Biju Menon, who just stands out from the rest of the actors. With a show that is a delight to watch, he displays his true credentials as a powerhouse performer.

Kunchacko Boban, who is some kind of an actor with a branded style though devoid of much surprises, does his role with all earnestness. Asif Ali has only a limited time to show his talents and he proves yet again how overrated he is, with a horrible outburst and drama, perhaps modeled after some of those brilliant acts by certain eminently gifted artistes.

Newcomer Shritha is disappointing, to say the least, and Ann Augustine makes not much of an impression either.

In fact, there are quite a number of characters, which have no real relevance in the story, like the ones played by Jishnu, Raghavan, Dharmajan, Archana and Vaigha.

In the end, Ordinary turns out to be a just-about-ordinary movie with its meek script, clich?d dialogues and leisurely pace. It?s a pity that the director didn?t use the resources well to make it into an extra-ordinary journey!

Verdict: Average

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