Ore Mukham review: Ends up as a mess!

Even at less than two hours’ duration, the film feels stretched and barely engaging.


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 05 December 2016

Movie Title

Ore Mukham review: Ends up as a mess!


Sajith Jagadnandan

Star Cast

Dhyan Sreenivasan, Aju Varghese, Prayaga Martin

Director Sajid Jagadnandan’s Ore Mukham tries to mix quite a lot of things. After some mysterious happenings at the beginning, there is some kind of an urgency to cut back to a campus in the 1980s or so, where students sport the retro look of those times.

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In this campus, life is all about ragging, romance and fights though not necessarily in that order. The territory belongs to a group of friends, led by a toughie named Zachariah Pothen (Dhyan Sreenivasan). They beat up those who question their authority and fools around inside the campus all the time.

It’s clear that the director is waiting for the last twenty minutes or so, to unveil the mysteries. But the problem is the journey until then, which is quite bumpy with ineffective scenes, boring comedy and dialogues that make you cringe. There seems to be a real confusion on whether to treat the movie as a nostalgic trip, comedy or a crime drama.

By the time the film heads towards those end scenes where the suspense is revealed, we are barely interested in the proceedings.

But then it is sad, as there is a promising storyline here that has not been used well by the director. Instead the effort is to create an effect by adding nostalgia and humour in plenty.

Dhyan Sreenivasan, armed with a beard obviously to look tough, plays a character that is a bit too heavy for him. Aju Varghese is made to repeat what he does in most films. The females leads, Prayaga Martin and Gayatri Suresh, have nothing much to do. Chemban Vinod Jose is also wasted in a rather inconsequential role as well.

Ore Mukham ends up as a mess, mainly out of confusion on where to focus. The result is that even at less than two hours’ duration, the film feels stretched and barely engaging. If you consider the decent premise it had, this one is clearly a lost opportunity.

Ore Mukham-Verdict:Ends up as a mess!

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