Oru Adaar Love - Climax changed after lukewarm response?

Last Updated: Mon, Feb 18, 2019 11:38 hrs

Director Omar Lulu’s much hyped Oru Adaar Love, which became a sensation with the release of the music album featuring “wink girl” Priya Prakash Varier, opened to lukewarm response, on its release this Valentine’s Day.

Priya Varier, who has been facing severe hate campaigns in the social media, is actually doing a supporting role in the movie. Noorin Shereef, who has a relatively more prominent role in the film, has been receiving praise after the movie’s release.

Omar said in an interview that there is a degrading campaign happening where the movie is targeted by some groups. The surprise element in the film is actually the climax and there are rumours that Omar has re shot the climax, which he believes is not what the viewers expected from him. There has also been some trimming done to the film, as per rumours.