Oru Adaar Love review: Low brow entertainer

Priya Varier, who became a sensation overnight and then had a fall in popularity in the social media, hams it up big time

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Critic's Rating: 2/5

Tuesday 04 June 2019

Movie Title

Oru Adaar Love review: Low brow entertainer


Omar Lulu

Star Cast

Priya Prakash Varier, Roshan

Just like director Omar Lulu's earlier films like Happy Wedding and Chunkzz, his much anticipated Oru Adaar Lovefollows the same pattern. This film which got loads of publicity through the “wink girl” Priya Prakash, disappoints big time.

The story is set in a school where Priya Varier and Roshan (yes, they have their real names for their characters too) come as Class XI students and falls for each other, at first sight. Now, this is the kind of school where students talk about romance, booze and sex all the time, so casually, and the teachers are mere buffoons Gadha John (Noorin Shereef) is a bubbly girl studying in the same class and Roshan’s best friend. Then there are the usual campus prototypes.

The entire first half showcases some of the already famous visuals from the movie, like the song Manikya Malaraya Poovi… which has Priya’s famous wink, the much hyped mild lip lock, the hugely criticized Freak Penne… song and the hand gun shot scene involving Priya and Roshan.

There are also dialogues about the negative trolls, dislikes for the songs and so on. In all fairness, the story becomes somewhat interesting when the attention shifts to Noorin. More details could spoil the fun and we are not doing that.

But the question is how films like these glorify everything from misogyny, misguiding trends, double meaning dialogues and sell titillation in the name of entertainment, gets the approval of censors.

Priya Varier, who became a sensation overnight and then had a fall in popularity in the social media, hams it up big time. It seems the actress has used all her cuteness for the promotional videos that have come out already. Roshan is okay in parts. It is Noorin who shines with her confidence and beauty.

Oru Adaar Love provides some unexpected surprises but you would require real patience to sit through until then. It’s a no brainer, often offensive school kid romance that uses every technique to entertain. If that is your idea of fun, you may find this one fine.

Oru Adaar Love review: Low brow entertainer

Reactions from Social Media:
Sreedhar Pillai @sri50

#OruAdaarLove (Mal) 2/5. Low brow High school romance, infatuation & campus stereotypes with teachers ending up as buffoons. Over hyped wink girl #PriyaVarier is a let down while the heroine #NoorinShereef steals the show. A climax that makes U cringe.

Rakesh @Rakeysh84
Those who are planning to watch #OruAdaarLove pls donate the amount to Chief minister's Disaster relief fund ( Punyam kittum)

Maathevan @Maathevan
ORU ADAAR LOVE - What ra inside school so much happening? Dei! This is a fantasy movie for me da

Aaron @ROALY
One news for you. Remember that Winking Girl movie song scene in a Malayalam film that went viral last year? Movie got released today and is a damp squid. #OruAdaarLove

Box Office Malayalam @MalayalamBO
#OruAdaarLove Theatre Status: 60% Truly Disappointed Theatre Experience! Script and Direction Lagged & Stupid Climax Performance was below-par Noorin was Okayish Hareesh Kanaran, Salim Kumar Shaan Rahman Priya Had Nothing to Offer 2/5

Abhishek Abraham @AbhishekAbraha8
The movie was really entertaining. Loved the movie. Unexpected twist ending made me cry. Loved the movie. Shaan Rahmans music is the highlight of the movie. Roshan and Noorie stole the show ND carried the movie in their shoulders. #OruAdaarLove #ValentinesDay2019 #Valentines

Forum Keralam (FK) @Forumkeralam1
Omar who enjoyed two successful outings through #HappyWedding and #Chunkss is completely exposed as a maker this time as #OruAdaarLove ends up as a damp squib right from the beginning to end.Neither the comedy nor the romance works a bit here.

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