Oru Kalooriyin Kathai

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Saturday 3 September 2005

Movie Title

Oru Kalooriyin Kathai


Nandha Periasamy

Star Cast

Arya, Soniya Aggarwal, Pyramid Natarajan

Audience enter the hall to watch Oru Kalooriyin Kathai expecting that it is another Arindhum Ariyamalum from Arya, the new kid on the block. They won?t be disappointed as Arya scores in every scene though the film leaves you confused and bewildered.

Debutant director Nanda Periasamy has guts to move away from the beaten track of campus capers as the thread of the film is taken from that Jim Carrey classic ?The Truman Show?.

Here, the director tries to recreate the atmosphere of a college five years back all surreptitiously made-up by a group of friends so that the hero can win his true love! But it ends up sermonizing love and is dull and sentimental.

A group of friends promise to meet after five years after leaving college. The film opens when they all meet at one place against all odds, though the leader Satya (Arya) is missing. Satya was the life and soul of the College who is even willing to give his life when the correspondent (Pyramid Natarajan) tries to sell the place. As the friends wait for Satya, his father (Ravikumar) brings him in an ambulance and the friends are shocked to see him in a pathetic state of depression for the last five years ever since their farewell day in college.

When Satya?s doctor (Charuhassan) does hypnotism the truth is revealed that he was deeply in love with Jyothi (Sonia) a girl whom he meets a couple of times and later she joins the same college. Without Jo?s knowledge, Satya follows her everywhere but does not have the guts to confess his love. He decides to tell her on the farewell day but he was unable to do so, due to a shock after which he does not know anything!

The doctor says that Satya suffers from ?post dramatic stress disorder? and only a ?recreation treatment? can help him to come out of his present state. Satya?s friends Moorthy, Kishore and others get sanction from the Principal to recreate the college which has undergone a lot of change since five years so that they can take him back to the farewell day to find out what exactly happened!

The rest of the story is all about how everyone who studied in the college five years back including Jyothi who is now engaged, comes together to help Satya come out of his deep depression and confess his love on farewell day. Do they succeed in their attempt? What happens when Jyothi comes to know that Satya was actually in love with her? All this forms the rest of the film.

Arya is a delight to watch and has the all important screen presence. Sonia Agarwal has nothing much to do as her role is superfluous. The supporting cast fails to register in your mind. The story of Nandha Periasamy is unbelievable and the narration is slow paced. Kola Baskar?s editing could have been more crisp and Yuvan Shankar Raja?s music score is surprisingly mediocre.

On the whole Oru Kalooriyin Kathai is too high-concept for our audience with a slow paced narration that goes back and forth with a predictable climax.

Verdict: Average

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