Oru Kuppa Kathai review: A true-to-life story about extramarital affairs

Director almost succeeds in narrating a true-to-life story about extramarital affairs in a decent manner

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 25 May 2018

Movie Title

Oru Kuppa Kathai review: A true-to-life story about extramarital affairs


Kaali Rangasamy

Star Cast

Dhinesh, Mannish Yadav, Sujo Mathew

Oru Kuppa Kathai direted by  Kaali Rangamasamy has a good script and he almost succeeds in narrating a true-to-life story about extramarital affairs in a decent manner. 

Though the core message is topical, the director has tried to add more realism to the story in a ‘U’ certified film. Oru Kuppai Kathai is another Tamil film which raises the doubt on the CBFC, on what basis they have issued ‘U’ certificate to a film which deals with adultery?

Kumar (Choreographer Dinesh) is a garbage collector in Chennai, his mother’s only worry is to find a good girl for her son and it finally happens when they meet Poongudi’s (Manisha Yadav) parents in Vaalparai. Though Kumar honestly admits to Poongudi’s parents that he is a garbage collector, they conduct the marriage without revealing his profession. Three months later, Poongudi becomes pregnant and as she comes out of the hospital, gets to see Kumar collecting trashes on the roadside. A shocked Poongudi decides to go back home but her parents ask her to stay with Kumar.

Understanding his mistake, Kumar shifts his home from the slum to an apartment and he also decided to change his profession for his wife. But Poongudi slowly gets attracted to a software engineer Arjun (Sujo Mathew) and elope with him to Hosur and also takes her newborn girl child.

The film actually begins well, as the director captures the expressions of his actor through cinematographer Mahesh Muthusamy’s frames. The immediate reaction of Manisha after entering the slum for the first time and how situations change her in the climax is an example of poignant filmmaking and artistic cinematography. We wish director Kaali Rangasamy dealt the extramarital affair, rape and sexual assault scenes in the same way. To be honest, he has gone overboard in a few scenes and explicit dialogues which affected the novelty of the film. 

While Kaali Rangasamy tells that only true love matters and not the looks and status, why he placed a scene degrading an obese lady in the bride hunt sequence? If the director expects his audiences to laugh for the body shaming sequence, don’t expect them to accept your hard-hitting message.

Dinesh is a promising newcomer, who has to improve. Manisha Yadav has given her career-best performance in Oru Kuppa Kathai, and she has excels in many emotional sequences, especially in the pre-climax portion.

Cinematographer Mahesh Muthusamy and music composer Joshua Sridhar have lifted the film with their exemplary works. After Kaadhal, this is another commendable work from the composer.

Overall, Oru Kuppa Kathai is a topical subject that deals with the extramarital affair and its pitfalls. The first half is ok, it is second half which becomes like a never ending serial. 

Oru Kuppa Kathai review: Verdict: Decent attempt

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