Oru Muthassi Gadha review: Contrived and preachy

Oru Muthassi Gadha review: Contrived and preachy



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Thursday 15 September 2016

Movie Title

Oru Muthassi Gadha review: Contrived and preachy


Jude Anthany Joseph

Star Cast

Rajini Chandy, Suraj Venjarammoodu, Lena

Director Jude Anthany Joseph, who impressed all with his maiden venture Ohm Shanthi Oshaana, narrates the story of an angry grandmother in Oru Muthassi Gadha. 

Leelamma, played by newcomer Rajini Chandy, is quite a terror at home making life hell for her son (Suraj Venjrammoodu), his wife (Lena) and even for their children. She chides her son for being henpecked and doesn't even spare her granddaughter when her classmate comes to their home or when her grandson sits glued on to his mobile phone.

Let’s say, she is unlike the traditional grandmothers that we have seen on Malayalam screen until now. And she has a story of her own and some dreams to achieve that are made into a ‘Bucket List’ with the help of the other grandmother named Susamma (Bhagyalakshmi), who is all sweet.

There is an interesting premise here, but the problem is the way it has all been narrated. The situations look forced and contrived, the performances are below par and this one lacks any definite focus. 

Even if we buy the argument that the noble thoughts, the messages and the preaching are all well intentioned, you will need real patience to sit through this saga that goes on for more than 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Okay there are some surprises in store and let’s hope it all turn out the way the makers wanted them to be. We won’t play spoilsports for sure by revealing more.

No point in mincing words. This one is a gross disappointment from a director who started off with such a peppy film. The visuals and the music are okay at best.

The newcomer Rajini Chandy barely impresses as the grandmother. Suraj Venjrammoodu, Lena and even Aparna Balaramurali, who played the cute heroine in Maheshinte Prathikaram, looks pretty baffled. 

There is a rather hasty attempt to create some comedy towards the end, with the director himself leading the proceedings with a comic act, but all we feel is to sit there wondering what he was trying to say with all these.

Oru Muthassi Gadha is a lost opportunity. As it is often seen in some of the movies of late, there is an effort to ensure some applause by bringing in some genuine messages towards the fag end. But by then not many would still be interested in those sermons. 

Try this only if you have real patience and enough time to spare!

Oru Muthassi Gadha review: Contrived and preachy

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