Oru Nadigayin Vakkumoolam

Oru Nadigayin Vakkumoolam


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 10 February 2012

Movie Title

Oru Nadigayin Vakkumoolam



Star Cast

Sonia, Urmila Unni, Kovai Sarala,

Debutant director Rajakrishnan?s Oru Nadigayin Vakkumoolam is an insider look at Kollywood and about the struggle of a poor girl from Nellore in Andhra Pradesh to make it big in the big, bad world of showbiz.

But a premise that has to be insightful, dark and disturbing falls flat with an amateurish direction, jarring music and background score, wrong supporting cast, tacky production values and an old fashioned presentation.

Rajakrishnan should have made this film atleast 20 years back when heroines from poor families come to Kodambakkam chasing their dreams and gets sucked into the big bad world. At a time, when films like Luck by Chance and Dirty Picture is being lapped up, this film looks like a 80?s tearjerker with all the clich?s and predictable characters.

Anjali (Sonia Agarwal) comes to Chennai with her mom Girija(Urmila Unni) who is determined to make her daughter a top actress. Initially, it is not easy as they encounter rejection and humiliation. But soon everything changes and Anjali becomes a star though her mother changes colour and starts manipulating her life and career.

Sonia Aggarwal is burdened to carry the film on her tender shoulders with neither the backing of a solid script nor a smart packaging by the director. Urmila Unni is very convincing while the subplot with Kovai Sarala and Nicole, including a sleazy song in the end gives the film a C-grade feel to it. Definitely, Sonia deserved a better film to make a comeback.

Neither brave nor daring, Oru Nadigayin Vakkumoolam is a tedious watch.

Verdict: Tedious

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