Oru Nalla Naal Paathu Solren review: A film that never takes itself too seriously

It has all the ingredients for a dark comedy, yet shaken and stirred they blend like oil and water

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 02 February 2018

Movie Title

Oru Nalla Naal Paathu Solren review: A film that never takes itself too seriously



Star Cast

Vijay Sethupathi, Gautham Karthik, Niharika, Gayathri

Oru Nalla Naal Paathu Solren is packaged as an unadulterated black comedy from debutant director Arumugakumar, who does not compromise on anything just for the commercial viability of his project. To be honest, audiences who are familiar with this genre may enjoy the film but for others the humour and inspiring moments are few and far between in the wacky script.

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Yeman (Vijay Sethupathi) is a tribal leader who comes to the city as a robber along with friends Purushothaman (Ramesh Thilak) and Narasimhan (Rajkumar). But he ends up kidnapping his young niece Sowmya (Niharika Konidela) whom he has sworn to marry about 14 years back!!! Harish (Gautham Karthik), is a happy-go-lucky urban youth who has a soft corner for Sowmya and he comes all the way to the tribal village Yemasingapuram to get back his ladylove.

Right from word go,  ONNPS stays true to its genre and all the characters are eccentric so audiences need time to settle down and start enjoying the film. It has all the ingredients for a dark comedy, yet shaken and stirred they blend like oil and water. Director Arumugakumar flounders as the comedy has not been worked out well after setting up a delicious premise.

Vijay Sethupathi has that all-important screen presence and he tries to impress us with his unique dressing, head gear and lots of gold jewellery. But as an actor he is underutilized here. Newcomer Niharika fits the bill and her lip sync is flawless. Daniel Annie Pope is annoying while Gautham Karthik, Ramesh Tilak and Rajkumar are ok. Gayathrie has nothing much to do.

Technically, Sree Saravanan provides colorful and dark visuals to suit the backdrop of the story and the production design in the tribal village is commendable. Overall, Oru Nalla Naal Paathu Solren is a film that never takes itself too seriously, so if you like the genre, go watch it.

Oru Nalla Naal Paathu Solren review- Verdict: Black comedy

Reactions from Social Media:
Prashanth Rangaswamy @itisprashanth

#OruNallaNaalPaathuSolren interval - Some makers say that they have tried differently and do nothing. But @Aaru7Cs is bold enough to come up with a really different movie. Enjoying every bit of it. Not sure how Vijay Sethupathi selects such different / Fresh scripts

Ajay V @kollyempire
#OruNallaNaalPaathuSolren - Director @Aaru7Cs as promised comes up with a different attempt at comedy genre, that has a good researched and nicely designed tribal setup. Vijay Sethupathi the driving force of the movie. Danielle is the pick of the other characters.

Sidhu @sidhuwrites
#OruNallaNaalPaathuSolren: A quirky, different experiment in the comic genre. Vijay Sethupathy unleashing his antics with various getups, his 4-minute dialogue gets a rousing response. Out of them all, Daniel stands out with his comic timing!

Nikilesh Surya @NikileshSurya
Breaking from the recent trend of unnaturally poor openings #OruNallaNaalPaathuSolren has taken a decent opening. Hope it wins at the box office!

Arif @muthusubanya
Finished #OruNallaNaalPaathuSolren . Jolly ride. Lead actors and supporting actors does well. If you love Moodar koodam, Jil Jung juk.. kind of movies surely you will like this. Vj sethupathy and Gautham karthick shows all the way. B& C doubt. A centre may clicks Box office

S Abishek @cinemapayyan
Staying true to the genre’ the entire first half of #orunallanaalpaathusolren concentrates on explaining the premise!
@Danielanniepope scores well with his one liners! @Gautham_Karthik gels with the dark comedy!
@Aaru7Cs uses superficial elements to create interest!

Christopher Kanagaraj @Chrissuccess
#OruNallaNaalPaathuSolren - New team has tried to deliver a different movie. Can appreciate d attempt & efforts made. Vijay Sethupathy is thr in the entire film, but no scope to perform. Gud debut from Niharika, Liked d music. Comedy scenes completely falls flat. Not my cup of T!

Thilak Kumar @T_luck143
#OruNallaNaalPaathuSolren #ONNPS 3.5/5 Done watching Dubai premiere. Totally loved it. Quirky, Whacky Entertainer. Laugh Riot. Fun filled. #VijaySethupathi n @Gautham_Karthik have rocked it big time. Superb Debut by @Aaru7Cs . Mighty impressive. VJS Rockstar !!

Rajasekar @sekartweets
#OruNallaNaalPaathuSolren - Vijay Sethupathi 's four minutes single take scene is a laugh riot in the second half, he is in tremendous form for sure

Kaushik LM @LMKMovieManiac
#OruNallaNaalPaathuSolren #ONNPS - Wacky, outlandish comedy. Experimental attempt by @aaru7cs, set in the forest & city. All actors have done well. #Niharika makes a confident debut. @Gautham_Karthik's over the top funny antics & #VijaySethupathi's dialogues, makeovers stand out!

Ramesh Bala @rameshlaus
#OruNallaNaalPaathuSolren [3/5] : A different type of comedy.. #VijaySethupathi rocks.. @Gautham_Karthik is funny.. #NiharikaKonidela makes a good debut.. Lot of quirky and wacky fun..

Suganth @msuganth
Was coming out of the theatre after watching #OruNallaNaalPaathuSolren and a "couple of guys thrust mikes at my face and asked how I found the movie to be. Was strongly tempted to say, "Oru nalla naal paathu solren"

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