Oru Pakka Kathai- An above average entertainer

The middle-class life has been perfectly captured by Balaji with real characters and their emotions in Oru Pakka Kathai

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Critic's Rating: 2.5/5

Friday 25 December 2020

Movie Title

Oru Pakka Kathai- An above average entertainer


Balaji Tharaneetharan

Star Cast

Kalidas, Megha Akash

Director Balaji Tharaneetharan had grabbed our attention with his quality humor in his debut film Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom and his ability to portray the middle-class life without the usual cinematic touches. Technically, Oru Pakka Kathai was supposed to be his sophomore film but due to the delay, Seethakaathi came and gave a new image to the filmmaker.

Balaji has maintained the same Naduvula Konjam Paakatha Kaanom tone in most of Oru Pakka Kathai, only towards the climax, the film takes a U-Turn and talks about a global topic on spiritual beliefs.

Meera(Megha Akash), a young middle-class college-going girl, and Sara aka Saravanan (Kalidas Jayaram) are in love with each other. Their families have also given the consent for the marriage however, they are waiting for Saravanan to clear his arrears and get a proper job. Meanwhile, Meera misses her period and upon doctor consultation, they come to know that she is pregnant! 

Both the families are shell shocked and after many awkward moments, they agree to arrange the marriage for the duo. However, the couple is confused because their relationship wasn't physical. The rest of the film answers how Meera got pregnant and what happens to her child!

As the title suggests, the story can be written on one page as the entire first revolves around a one-liner, how Meera got pregnant? But Balaji has effectively narrated the film with his trademark humor. The middle-class life has been perfectly captured by Balaji with real characters and their emotions.

Govind Vasantha's music and Prem Kumar's visuals are the other two important positive aspects of the film.

Kalidas and Megha Akash are perfect as the innocent college-going youngsters. The way Kalidas asks his serious doubts on strip test and more such things bring in some genuine comedy. However, the second half talks about a bigger topic and takes away the enjoyable humor and feel-good factor that prevailed for around 80 minutes. In the end, Balaji has conveyed an important message but the paradigm shift between the two genres affects the overall entertainment value.

Verdict: Above Average

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