Oru Pandhu Naalu run Oru Wicket

Oru Pandhu Naalu run Oru Wicket

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By: Rajasekar S

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 07 December 2014

Movie Title

Oru Pandhu Naalu run Oru Wicket



Star Cast

Jeeva, Vinay, Hashika,

Making a horror movie is definitely not a crime and it is the most sought-after genre which is working at the box-office these days. But there should be a minimum level of intelligence while executing such films.

Sadly, debutant director Veera?s Oru Pandhu Naalu Run Oru Wicke (OPNRO) is a boring, damp-squib that only people who don?t care about any logic, laugh for bland comedies will enjoy. The worst case is that OPNRO is a horror movie with no scary moments in it, may be the director intent to make a family-friendly horror movie? Veera should take some lessons in screenplay writing and basic shot-taking before making his second film.

The film opens with the elope episode of lovers. Yes, you are right the lead pair elope from Sivakasi to a beach house in Kovalam where the hero?s friend (Jeeva) is employed. An example for the logic level in the film is evident from the scene that hero (Vinay) kick starts his bike in Sivakasi along with his lover (Hashika Dutt) and reaches Kovalam just like a quick ride from Adyar to Thiruvanmayur.

Two days before their marriage Vinay, Hashika decide to join playing cricket along with Jeeva and another comedy side-kick. As the match progresses, Vinay?s team need 4 run from 1 ball and one wicket remaining, there you go the title is justified! Also, during the match they are experiencing the first ghost attack, at one point of time the ghost enters into Hashika?s body and rest of the story tells us the silly back story of the ghost and its irksome condition to move out of Hashika.

The real failure of this film could be sensed from the moment audience laugh for the scene when the ghost-haunted heroine yells ?Don?t touch me? which is unintentionally hilarious, may be the director wants the audience to laugh during that particular scene? Whatever the intention of the director may be but whenever the ghost try to scare, really feel sorry for the poor soul.

Performance wise every actor look amateurish expect Sendrayan who brings laughter in some sequences but most of the time his characterization is irritating. Technically, the film is below average in all departments including cinematography, editing, music and direction.

Overall, Oru Pandu Naalu Run Oru Wicket is a film which you can watch only if you have no other option to go?

Verdict: Give it a miss

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