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Monday 02 April 2012

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Sreenivasan, Pasupathy, Indrajith

Director Premlal, who directed Athmakatha before, narrates an interesting theme of a stranger wreaking havoc in the life of a commoner in Outsider. But beyond this basic concept there is nothing much exciting about the whole film and it needs real patience to sit through this one.

Sivankutty (Sreenivasan) is a boat driver in Thekkady and lives with his daughter, Manju (Ganga Babu). His neighbor is a local troublemaker and a drunkard named Mukundan (Indrajith), whom he hates.

There has been a terrible incident in Sivankutty?s life in the past, where he lost one of his kids, for which a criminal named Komban Lawrence (Pasupathi) was responsible. Now, to the horror of Sivankutty, Lawrence resurfaces!

In Athmakatha, Premlal had narrated a poignant tale of a visually challenged man and the agony that he faces when he realizes that his daughter is losing her eyesight as well. But Outsider rarely has such nice moments and most scenes look plain amateurish and even boring.

The average performances never help to improve things either. Sreenivasan is not in his best form and the usually fine Indrajith seems to mimic everyone from Mohanlal to Lalu Alex. But the real disappointment here is Pasupathi, who in an attempt to add shades of ?Joker?, ?Gabbar Singh? and so on, makes his character look unintentionally funny.

The visuals by Sameer Haq are fine but it gives the feeling that some of those scenes have been shot in certain picturesque locations just for an effect, as they have no real connection to the storyline.

With a wafer thin storyline, Outsider needed a rock solid script to make things work. But no such luck here and the film ends up as surprisingly ineffective. Better luck next time, guys!

Verdict: Below Average

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